Prospedia Capital Raises Funds To Harness Hemp For The Automotive And Housing Sector

Prospedia Capital Raises Funds To Harness Hemp For The Automotive And Housing Sector

Pospedia Capital, the trading name of Advanced Automotive Technologies Ltd., joined ESI Venture Capital to raise capital for HempSpan®. HempSpan® plans to build homes using hemp biocomposites, a material widely used in the automotive sector.

It also relates to transportation. Prospedia and ESI are also working on fundraising with the Investors Private Investment Club, one of the UK’s oldest and most successful early-stage fundraisers.

Environment Benefits

The environmental benefits start with acres of hemp, a tall annual herb that removes 15 tons of carbon in 100 days of cultivation,” said Matt Belcher, Hemspan® Founder, and CEO.

“Henry Ford built and drove a car out of hemp. Fast forward 100 years and we see it play in the automotive industry as a proven natural solution with many uses.” Hemp is a proven net-zero solution for the automotive and housing sectors.

Newsletter – August 3, 2022

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Harnessing Hemp

In the 1990s, long before Hemspan was founded, the Volkswagen and Audi groups were at the forefront,” says Belcher. “And like other automakers, Volvo uses natural fibers to reduce the weight of its components. For example, the Peugeot 308 model is 25% lighter than traditional plastic.

BMW launched the futuristic i3 electric hatchback with hemp biocomposite parts almost ten years ago in 2013. Porsche implemented this in the 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport and the Mercedes C-Class luxury sedans use 20 parts in each vehicle.

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New applications include the difficult task of manufacturing lightweight body panels with more prominent interior and exterior panels. A wide-angle lens is all about the effect of volume. As with battery materials, the industrial hemp industry in the UK is still in its very early stages, with virtually no hemp being grown for fiber or fiber.

Grinding separates it from the bast fibers, making them one of the most valuable parts of the plant. It grows like bark on the outside of the trunk. Bast fibers give strength to plants, similar to the ingredients they use.


All Natural Cannabis - We stand by the “Pure” in Pure Sunfarms

“Hemspan® has the potential to drive significant demand for UK-grown cannabis, while also attracting direct investment in processing facilities that can serve both the residential and automotive sectors.

” Belcher says, “Our product development program for nonwoven biocomposite coatings for buildings is already relevant for vehicle interiors in the automotive and transportation industries.”

Industrial Application Of Hemp

The hemp fleece used in Hemspan® prepreg is already used for sound insulation in automotive construction. The opportunities for UK-grown cannabis are significant, as graphene applications are another area that is gaining as much attention as biofuels from waste.

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Hemspan is a qualified early-stage enterprise investment planning firm. The UK government has launched its EIS initiative to attract investment in start-ups by offering tax breaks to individual investors, often called business angels, who buy new shares in early-stage companies.

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