Prince George Just Received a Major Birthday Surprise Courtesy of Gan-Gan Queen Elizabeth

Going big or going home seems to be Queen Elizabeth’s guiding principle when it comes to her great-grandchildren.

In honor of Prince George’s ninth birthday, the royal family posted a video on their official Instagram page today. On the grounds of Buckingham Palace, the Band of the Irish Guards was seen in the video playing “Happy Birthday.”

To commemorate the day, Kensington Palace unveiled a photo of the prince, shot by his mother and showing him grinning on a beach. Additionally, his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth arranged a surprise appearance by the Irish Guards in front of Buckingham Palace.

George’s birthday was celebrated by the brass band of guards, who were dressed in their customary red tunics. Following the performance, a tweet from the Queen’s official Twitter account included a brief video of the trumpeters.

The caption stated, “Happy Birthday Prince George!” For Prince George to get this gift from his Gan-Gan must have been a fun occasion (AKA the queen). If anyone took more pleasure from it, it was undoubtedly Prince Louis, George’s brother. (Just in case you missed it, Kate Middleton recently acknowledged that “Happy Birthday” is “one of Louis’s favorite songs.”)

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Just a few hours before Prince William and Middleton’s brand-new social media photo, Prince George received a birthday tribute.

The picture showed the young king grinning for the camera while standing on a beach and wearing a light blue collared shirt. According to reports, Middleton, who moonlights as an amateur photographer in her free time, took the snap. She even captured Camilla Parker Bowles on camera.

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Prince George calls his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth ‘Gan-Gan’ 

Even though George is just two and a half, he calls her “Gan-Gan.” “She usually puts a small gift or anything in their room when we visit, which merely demonstrates her devotion to her family.”

Kate, the future queen of the United Kingdom, also discussed Her Majesty’s modest support for her. She has been very kind by not pushing her ideas on me, but I feel like she has been there for me and given me gentle advice.

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