First U.S. polio case in decades found in Rockland County


There has been a reported case of polio in Rockland, according to county officials. There had been a long-held belief that the disease had been eliminated in the United States. It can induce neurological symptoms, paralysis, or even death. According to health officials, the person had not been immunized against polio. Young adults were hospitalized but are no longer in need of medical attention. According to the officials, the guy had been paralyzed, but they could not say for sure if it were permanent.

According to officials, the person is no longer able to spread the infection. Even if a person is not ill, polio is very contagious, according to health experts in the state where the outbreak occurred. Dr Patricia Schnabel Ruppert, Rockland County Health Commissioner, and County Executive Ed Day urged those who have not been vaccinated against polio to do so immediately. It’s possible that you’re too young to remember the polio epidemic of the 1970s and 1980s, but while I was growing up, this disease terrified families, including my own.

Polio case identified in Rockland County, New York - The Jerusalem Post

Being around decades after the vaccine was developed shows how persistent it is,” Day added. Get your child vaccinated as soon as possible for the sake of your child and the wider welfare of your community. Polio was declared eradicated in the United States in 1979. Travelers who have polio have occasionally carried illnesses into the United States; the last such occurrence occurred in 2013. A measles outbreak in 2018 and a significant number of COVID-19 cases in 2020 have occurred in Rockland in the past few years.

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Day added, “In Rockland, we’ve been through a lot.” Clinics that administer vaccinations There will be a polio vaccine clinic at the Yeager Center, Building A, in Pomona, from 10 a.m. to 12 on Friday to protect children against the disease. On July 25, from 1 to 4 p.m., there will be a second clinic.

Visit to register, or call 845-238-1956. Walk-ins are welcome as well, so don’t hesitate to stop by.

Ruppert noted that the state had supplied an additional 300 doses of polio vaccine to the county’s stock. According to RefuahHealth officials, they are working with local and state officials to monitor the situation and protect the safety of the population. Dr Corinna Manini, chief medical officer of RefuahHealth, stated, “We’re preparing our doctors and staff to ensure that they can spot probable instances of polio and can effectively advise and educate patients and the community about the safety and availability of immunizations.

Polio case confirmed in New York state, health-care providers told to look for more

Walk-in polio vaccination clinics are also available at RefuahHealth’s Spring Valley acute care facility, 728 North Main St., from 8 a.m. to midnight on Sundays through Thursdays and from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Polio is typically spread through the mouth, mainly through an infected person’s faeces-contaminated hands. When it comes to oral-to-oral or respiratory transmission, saliva can also be used.

Up to 95 per cent of persons who have been infected with polio are not showing any signs of the disease, yet they are still capable of transmitting it. Muscle weakness, nausea and vomiting are common symptoms among those who have them. Up to 2% of those infected get significant neck and back muscle pain and stiffness, and less than 1% experience paralysis due to the infection. Sequencing performed on this instance, according to the state’s Department of Health, revealed that it was a polio Sabin type 2 virus revertant.

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An older oral polio vaccination that hasn’t been used in the United States in over two decades could be the source of this transmission chain. Since 2000, the United States has only delivered inactivated polio vaccination. Health officials claimed that the person who became ill had not received the oral polio vaccine or any other polio vaccination. Tests are being carried out at the state’s Wadsworth Center and the CDC. There is a “spillover” of vaccine scepticism.

Polio Case Detected in US After a Decade, Resident of New York's Rockland County Tests Positive

After COVID and even before, there has been a lag in vaccines worldwide, in the United States, and Rockland, according to Day. Letters were issued to 3,000 school-age children’s families this summer by the Rockland County Health Department informing them of vaccines that were not up to date, Day said. “The measles epidemic was caused by a lack of vaccination,” Day stated.

It’s not just COVID immunizations that are being affected by increased mistrust, according to Day. In 1955, polio vaccinations were introduced for the first time. People waited in long lines for this vaccine in the 1950s, Ruppert added. Children in the United States are frequently immunized against polio, and in New York, this immunization is necessary in order to attend a public school or daycare. The federal government recommends four doses: two months, four months, six to 18 months, and four to six years of age.
Only a few states mandate that patients receive only three doses of a vaccine.

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According to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 93% of 2-year-olds have gotten at least three polio vaccine injections. There is no chance of contracting polio from a vaccine given in the United States after 2000 because only inactivated vaccines are used. Polio is prevalent in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as many other nations in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Last month, British officials said that polio had been found in London sewage samples and recommended people to get vaccinated. Israeli health officials extended their polio vaccination campaign following a small outbreak of polio infections in Jerusalem this spring.


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