Police uncover more than1 kg of marijuana during traffic stop


According to a tweet from the Hayward Police Department, officers made a traffic stop and discovered over a pound of marijuana in a in a vehicle during the stop.

An equipment violation led the police to pull over a vehicle, and when the vehicle was being searched, an officer noticed what appeared to be marijuana in the back seat.

The suspected marijuana was found to be wrapped in plastic bags rather than being contained in a container that was airtight as the law mandates.

The tweet stated that even while the use of marijuana for recreational purposes is permitted in California, there are still regulations that must be adhered to keep the community safe.

Pound of marijuana found in routine traffic stop

It is against the law to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of cannabis. Transported cannabis must be kept in an airtight container at all times.

The officers found out afterward that more than a pound of marijuana was hidden in the trunk. During the search of the vehicle, the cops located a weapon that had been loaded. After then, the driver was taken into custody on several gun charges.

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During a routine car check that took place early on Monday morning, police from the Steele Police Department discovered over 250 pounds of marijuana, leading to two individuals’ arrests.

According to Mark Ward, the Chief of Police for the city of Steele, at approximately 1:30 in the morning on Monday, a cargo van was stopped near the 174-mile marker along Interstate 59 North in Steele.

Traffic stop in Hutchinson nets 10 pounds of marijuana, police s -

During the stop for a traffic violation, K9 officer Tara discovered the odor of marijuana coming from within the vehicle. When officers looked through the car, they found around 250 pounds of marijuana that had allegedly been concealed within moving boxes and a toolbox.

Both Jacory Martin, 37, and Ron Banks, 42, were taken into custody and charged with being involved in the distribution of illegal drugs. Both Martin and Banks, who are originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, have been arrested and are currently being held at the St. Clair County Jail on a bond of $1.5 million apiece.

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Banks are also being investigated for a separate offense related to individuals who are prohibited from carrying a handgun. “We do not like drugs coming through our community,” Ward added. “We do not like it at all.” “I am relieved that this sum has been taken off the street.”

Tara, the department’s K9 officer, has been a force member for more than a year.


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