POLICE: Delray Beach Woman Flees Crash After Using Marijuana

POLICE: Delray Beach Woman Flees Crash After Using Marijuana

Delray Beach resident Mallory Fleming is going through 5 expenses Saturday morning following a successful and run crash in Delray Beach on Thursday. Although she became riding a Nissan Rogue, that is NOT the hit and run that left a person useless in Boca Raton.

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She isn’t related to that incident. Fleming, 23, who lives in East Delray Beach, is charged with: “hit and run,” “easy attack on an officer,” “DUI — harm to property,” “reckless riding,” and “resisting an officer with violence.” The following is the narrative of the incident written with the aid of using a responding Delray Beach Police Officer.

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Delray Beach resident Mallory Fleming was charged with five counts Saturday morning after he was involved in a hit-and-run accident at Delray Beach on Thursday.

She was driving a Nissan Rogue, but this is not the hit-and-run that killed a man in Boca Raton. She has nothing to do with this incident. An eyewitness to the accident was at the scene and started video recording after the accident.

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We saw a video of a female diver (later identified as Mallory Elisebeth Fleming) expelling the villain through the diver’s door and then stumbling into the driver’s window of the victim’s car.

Florida Woman Who Killed a New York Judge in Car Accident Claims She is Harry Potter


Eyewitnesses tracked down the villain and gave step-by-step directions to his whereabouts. Witnesses followed the rogue to 120 NE 1st Ave. in Delray Beach, Florida.

Cops arrived and performed a traffic stop for Rogue. Witnesses identified Fleming as Rogue’s driver. Witnesses said Fleming crossed the street and nearly hit a pedestrian.

Witnesses said Fleming operated the Rogue in a manner that disregarded the safety of other drivers and pedestrians. The witness gave me an affidavit regarding the incident.

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Fleming explained that the man in the red car must have called the police. Fleming said he used marijuana four hours before he spoke to me. Fleming didn’t know what time it was. Fleming used profanity and racial slurs. Fleming directed racial slurs on Ofc. African-American Stroud.

Fleming refused to take a breath test. She was imprisoned in the Palms Beach County Jail, where she was eventually released on $3,000 bail. Her court date is pending.

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