Pattaya to host cannabis festival in September


A yearly one-day celebration, the Cannabis Festival in Washington DC showcases music, advocacy, education, and activism linked to the legalization of marijuana. It is hosted at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. In 2016, after the passage of Measure 71, the District of Columbia’s ballot initiative that legalized recreational marijuana use, the event premiered.

When Caroline Phillips launched the first event through an Indiegogo campaign, she raised a total of $21,000 in support of the event’s expenses. In addition to concerts, there will be an educational tent and a vendor market at the festival. For the purpose of promoting the coastal resort city of Pattaya as a center for plant-related health tourism, an international cannabis festival will be held there in September.

Pattaya To Organize International Cannabis Festival In September -

The Central Pattaya department store will host the CISW Cann Festival Thailand 2022 on September 9-11. Pattaya City, CISW Green World Co Ltd, and Central Pattaya are all involved in the project. The Cann Expo and Hemp Expo exhibit during the festival will include cannabis and hemp-derived products, such as food, drink, and cosmetics.

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The event’s goal is to raise awareness about the medical benefits of cannabis and hemp while also providing networking opportunities for those who attend. A business matching program will also be offered in order to attract Thai and foreign investors interested in investing in cannabis and hemp-related enterprises.

There will also be a Miss Cannabis Thailand beauty pageant, with the winners receiving prize money of more than USD 20,000 (RM24,200).




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