Overlord Season 4 Episode 2; What Will Be The Future Of The Kingdom?

Princess Renner visits with the kids at the orphanage she opened in “Overlord” season 4’s second episode, “Re-Estize Kingdom,” as Prince Zanac welcomes the Nation of Darkness’ diplomatic corps. Her kind reception in the Re-Estize Kingdom pleases Albedo. Later on, however, a lower noble by the name of Philip Dayton approaches her intending to use the Nation of Darkness to his benefit, unaware of the dangers he is about to enter.

Future Of The Kingdom

In the Nation of Darkness, Momonga worries about the course his kingdom may take in the future. Albedo and Demiurge take on many of his chores and ease his life, thus he is appreciative to have them by his side. The Nation of Darkness will become a place where people of all races can coexist happily, according to Momonga’s ideas. He is hesitant to tell Albedo and Demiurge about it though because it might impede their current objectives.

A Trip To The Rrphanage

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Princess Renner interacts with kids in the orphanage she established herself in the Re-Estize Kingdom. She has the opinion that it is the responsibility of the powerful to defend the defenseless. Many children need hope because of all the murder and damage brought on by the Nation of Darkness, and Princess Renner wants to give them that hope.

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The Ball For Nobles

Zanac is notified that the Nation of Darkness ambassadors have arrived in the kingdom and that he must be ready to greet them back at the capital. Later, he runs across Albedo and greets her with a warm welcome to the Re-Estize Kingdom. The kingdom’s nobility are informed about Albedo’s visit at a ball that evening.

Philip Dayton Wants To Strengthen His Ties With The Nation Of Darkness?

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Using the social gathering as a chance, Philip Dayton, a minor noble and the Head of the house of Monsterrat, introduces himself to Albedo. He contends it is an excellent chance for them to deepen their connection to the Nation of Darkness. Since their settlements are in between the Re-Estize Kingdom and the Nation of Darkness. This may give them a significant political advantage. Since, Philip Dayton’s estate is too small to host a ball, he turns to Hilma Cygnaeus, another aristocrat, for help.

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What Is Albedo Planning?

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On the day of the event, Philip divulges his intentions to wed Albedo. The event proceeds as planned, and Philip attempts to stick close to Albedo. Hoping at doing so will strengthen their relationship. When Hilma and Albedo are alone, she tells her about the invasion plans. Also, Hilma has been working behind the scenes to assist Albedo. Albedo looks to be preparing an all-out assault on the kingdom. Also, making plans for the famine that would devastate the area following the conflict.

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