Nice Pipes Net Worth, Supplex for Better Performance, Shark Tank Appearance

Nice Pipes Net Worth, Supplex for Better Performance, Shark Tank Appearance

The annual net worth of Nicepipes apparel is $4.4 million.

Nice pipes apparel has produced women’s activewear specializing in performance fabric and yoga wear. Lisa Binderow, the founding father of Nicepipes apparel, maybe a fitness and yoga instructor.

The aim behind starting the activewear line was to supply premium quality leg and arm warmers for the women actively involved in workouts and looking forward to a healthy lifestyle.

Leg and arm warmers are in high demand to provide insulation while working out; In contrast, the function of heaters is commendable.

Lisa Binderow, who may be a well-known fitness trainer, was uninterested in the traditionally used fabric for activewear, which often causes itchiness and losing fit for a long time, and hence wanted to start a promising line for fitness wear use.

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Supplex for better performance

Nicepipes Net Worth: No Shark Tank Deal in 2016, Still in Business

When Lisa appeared on Shark Tank, she had just started her brand and had a net worth of $80,000, she valuated the business at $1 million.

Shark was quick enough to work out the outrageous valuation. Kevin O’ Leary commented that there was nothing unique in Lisa’s activewear line, followed by Robert Herjavec.

Lora Greiner liked the approach of Nicepipes apparel but didn’t think it had been worth an investment. However, Lisa was ready to impress Barbara Corcoran, she offered a $100,000 investment for 40% shares, and Lisa asked her to stay the equity at 25%, which Barbara declined, and hence Lisa dumped the offer.

Instagram and Twitter accounts were last updated in 2018, though the corporate continues to sell its products on Amazon and other online shopping portals.

The company continues to make activewear designed with great colors and different styles that are easily affordable to women who are fitness freaks.

NicePipes Apparel - Shark Tank Blog

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Shark Tank Appearance

After the Shark Tank appearance, the corporate was a topic of concern, but Lisa Binderow continues to satisfy her customers by providing premium quality workout fits.

After being questioned on Shark tank for the standard of the product, the brand continues to form a decent revenue. Sites like Owler claims the annual net worth of Nicepipes apparel to be $4.4 million.

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