NFL Player Zack Wilson Sleeping With Mom’s Friend: Fan’s Reacts To The Allegations

Zach Wilson didn’t have the greatest rookie campaign with the New York Jets however now, there are plenty of NFL fans who think he has the ideal mentality to bounce back in his sophomore year. From a football sense, Wilson has done nothing on the field to give supporters any indication he would be good this year. Off the field, though, it seems like Wilson is building a name for himself.

It all started when a report came out suggesting that Wilson’s ex-girlfriend was sleeping with his old teammate and roommate at BYU, Dax Milne. Responding to a post where Gile was accused of being a “homie hopper,” she tweeted out the following shocking reply “He was sleeping with his mom’s best friend… that’s the real homie hopper.

Zach Wilson’s Ex Makes Allegations Against NFL Star

Gile is accusing young Zach of sleeping with his mom’s best friend! She reacted to the hatred that she had been experiencing online from fans after it was disclosed that she was now dating a former college teammate of Broadway Zach.

It now appears that Wilson will have some big questions to answer at the next family get-together and that’s not even the worst of it. The former BYU star has just offered rhetorical fodder for teammates and opponents.

Wilson was the second overall choice in last year’s NFL draught, and expectations are high for him to perform this year. The Jets moved on from number three overall pick Sam Darnold with the hopes that Wilson can be their new franchise player.

He didn’t have the most incredible first season, but most rookie quarterbacks struggled last year. Mac Jones and surprise Davis Mills were the only two quarterbacks to have a solid season despite being the second last and last quarterbacks taken in the draught.

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Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Zach Wilson Of Cheating On Her With Best Friend’s Mom

Wilson has been dating Abbey Gile for a long time now. The two have been linked to each other since their adolescent years. However, things between the two seem to have deteriorated recently.

In January this year, Wilson deleted an Instagram photo of him and Gile on a date. In addition, Gile took a picture of the two outside of MetLife Stadium from her stream. Now, the situation has significantly deteriorated. Dax Milne, a wide receiver with the Commanders and Wilson’s former BYU teammate, uploaded a romantic-looking photo with Gile over the weekend, leading to rumors that the two are dating.

People said that Gile was “home-hopping.” Gile did not appreciate the message and responded with a response that is doing the rounds. She alleged that Zach Wilson slept with his mother’s best friend.

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