New York Marijuana Regulators Approve Rules To Start Accepting Retailer Applications From Peopl

New York Marijuana Regulators Approve Rules To Start Accepting Retailer Applications From Peopl

New York’s marijuana regulator passed a rule Thursday requiring states to begin accepting retail cannabis applications from people who have been disproportionately affected by the war on drugs.

It could start as early as March, bringing the state one step closer to its goal of starting sales this year. The Cannabis Control Board (CCB) also signed the Adult Model Conditional Retail License Application to amend the rules for state medical marijuana programs.

NJ Regulators Approve Rules for Recreational Marijuana Market – NBC New York

Rules And Regulations

Axel Bernabe, head of staff at the Office of Cannabis Control (OCM), said the regulation of the recreational sale presented to the board “is the cornerstone of [OCM’s] Seed Opportunity Initiative and it’s really exciting to see it.” said. It finally took shape. ”

New York puts social justice and small farmers at the heart of the cannabis industry,” he said. To be eligible for an adult-use conditional marijuana retail license, an applicant must have been or had been convicted of a cannabis-related offense prior to the effective date of legalization in the state.

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The First NY Adult Use Cannabis Retail Licenses Will Likely Come Under Tribal Ordinance – Falcon Rappaport & Berkman PLLC


He also has experience running a qualified company. The definition of eligible “person involved in the justice system” has also been expanded to include those arrested for marijuana but convicted of minor offenses.

These regulations build on his CCB approval of a number of conditional cultivation applications granted to existing hemp businesses in the state, governor Kathy Hochul (Democrat) signed into law in February creating a conditional cultivation license. At Thursday’s meeting, members approved 20 more growth requests, bringing her total to 223.

Marijuana Safety Rules Vary Among States With Legal Cannabis - Bloomberg

Board regulators will embark on a statewide tour of cannabis farms starting Friday. CCB has also started accepting applications from cannabis processors. OCM officials said on Thursday that the agency had carefully considered and acted on public comments on the proposed conditional retailer rule, but there was a feeling among stakeholders that the post had not been carefully considered.

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Public Review

“We have received a lot of comments, very good ones, and have included them in the process of coming up with the broader regulations,” said Bernabe. OCM spokesman Aaron Ghitelman told Marijuana Moment that the regulator “has been very appreciative of the more than 600 comments it has received on these regulations, each of which is being reviewed and considered.”

In general, this rule allowed enrolled patients and caregivers to grow up to six plants, of which only three were able to grow to full growth. You can own up to 5 pounds of cannabis-derived from these plants, which is compliant with adult use laws.

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