New York Authorities To Shut Down Cheektowaga Cannabis Lounge

In Cheektowaga, the owner of a new cannabis lounge claims that local authorities have unfairly shut him down, per New York State’s directive. The town of Cheektowaga sent him a letter, which he posted on his wall. According to the correspondence, the New York State Cannabis Control Board and Office of Cannabis Management advised Cheektowaga officials to shut down the business. According to the letter, the Rolling 420s Lounge was operating illegally because it lacked a cannabis license.

The CEO of Rolling 420s claims that his business model does not require a license.

In Cheektowaga, a brand-new cannabis lounge has opened its doors. While New York State does not yet have any open adult-use recreational dispensaries or on-site consumption lounges, this one is unique. The Roaring 420s Lounge is a members-only club, so you must be at least 21 years old to enter. Members don’t pay for marijuana; instead, they receive free samples. According to the club’s CEO, John Averill, additional services are available.

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There are people who will do anything for you, from rolling joints to packing bongs to providing edibles to letting you try whatever they have in their possession. Aside from the fact that we don’t buy any of our own marijuana, we don’t allow anyone to take any of ours with them either. Even if you join, you won’t be guaranteed access.

Private and exclusive membership is what the club is all about. Do they have a license? That’s what the Rolling 420s Lounge asked in response to my previous Instagram post about them seeking a license.

In fact, the club provides members with a private and exclusive membership experience. As a response to the previous Instagram post, Rolling 420s Lounge stated that they were applying for a liquor license.


Do they have a license?


@gabbykuzara There is no license for what we do, nor one planned

Is the Cannabis Shutdown due to Taxation?

According to New York State, the adult cannabis industry is expected to bring in millions, if not billions, of dollars of revenue. The state intends to take a cut of every dollar generated by a well-executed tax plan. Consumers who shop at the state’s first legal retail dispensaries and lounges will have to pay two additional taxes in addition to the one on distributors of adult-use marijuana products.

A 9% state tax is levied on the retail sale of cannabis products to a consumer marijuana dispensary.

Third, a local excise tax of 4% is imposed on the sale of cannabis products by a retail dispensary to a customer of cannabis. This tax is distributed according to the location of the retail dispensary; it is collected by local governments.

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New York has demolished 52 illegal Cannabis Retail Business

The state of New York has demolished 52 illegal cannabis retail establishments and delivery vehicles.

Other marijuana businesses have been shut down by the state recently, including the Rolling 420s Lounge. When it comes to cracking down on illegal cannabis sellers in New York, the state doesn’t mess around. Despite the fact that legal storefronts for adult use have not yet opened, enterprising individuals have nonetheless set up shop.

The state’s Office of Cannabis Management recently discovered 52 illegal marijuana stores. Sellers without a valid dispensary license received cease and desist letters from the authorities.

New York State does not recognize these businesses as legal cannabis dispensaries, and they sell untested products that put the public’s health at risk.

Is Cannabis Retail Business Danger to the Public?

In the eyes of the government, these establishments are a danger to the public. In reality, people have been selling marijuana illegally for decades, despite the possibility that this is correct.

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The state’s ability to recoup revenue from cannabis sales has increased significantly. New York’s Cannabis Control Board Chair Tremaine Wright stated that there are currently no licensed businesses in New York State that are permitted to sell marijuana to adults.

Under New York’s Cannabis Law, if a seller or donor gives a customer a bag of untested marijuana as a “gift,” the transaction is considered a sale. In New York, if you want to sell marijuana, you’ll need a license.

The only way New York customers can be sure that the cannabis products they purchase have been tested and followed from seed to sale is through licensed sales and a regulated market.

Selling products that have not been thoroughly tested puts customers’ lives in danger. Please stop selling cannabis products immediately from these illegal shop owners and any other shop pretending to be a legal operation.

Only medical marijuana dispensaries with a license to sell the drug are allowed to do business.

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