New Sesame Place Video Appears To Contradict Park’s Claims Against Racism

New Sesame Place Video Appears To Contradict Park's Claims Against Racism

Sesame Workshop, the production organization that controls the renowned children’s television program “Sesame Street,” has been in some trouble recently. In a statement, Sesame Place referred to the reported snubs as a misunderstanding. Nonetheless, the Black family rejected that explanation.

A video depicting a Sesame Place character purportedly expressing racism towards two young black girls recently went viral. The Black family, whose kids were made fun of by a Sesame Place character, says that a new video contradicts what the theme park said before about what happened.

According to attorney B’Ivory LaMarr, the potential problem for Sesame Place is that this new, wider aspect — from the opposite side of the parade route — does not support that.

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The Family Says A New Sesame Place Video Undermines Park’s Explanation

LaMarr represents the family of Jodi Brown, whose daughter and niece attempted to contact Rosita. He believes that the new video received by his firm challenges the park’s allegation.

He did not observe anyone offering a child to Rosita, at least not in the vicinity of the girls. In fairness to Sesame Place, the video was taken from across the street, so any conversation between parents and whoever is wearing the Rosita costume can’t be heard.

LaMarr also thinks that the new video shows that Rosita’s gesture of rejection was meant for black girls in particular.

If this is true, it would be important because Sesame Place said, “The Rosita performer is upset about the misunderstanding and did not ignore the girls on purpose.”

As reported, more videos of similar things happening at the park have come to light, and Sesame Place says it will tighten things up with bias training and a full review of how employees interact with park visitors.

Jodi and the daughters attended the Sesame Place parade, and LaMarr says he’s been inundated with calls from people who were also present.

LaMarr says that Tamika Mallory and other community organizers are planning events to bring together people who are angry about the viral video.

He said that the Brown family’s ultimate goal is to fire whoever was in the Rosita costume and get a real apology from Sesame Place, which they don’t think has happened yet.

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Sesame Place informs TMZ that they are in contact with LaMarr and have offered to meet with him and his family in order to personally apologize and acknowledge that they accept responsibility for the incident. It also states, “We want to listen to them so we can understand how the experience affected their family and how we can improve our services for them and all park guests.”

The park reports that the previously mentioned anti-bias training is now necessary for all employees and that it is already working with nationally recognised specialists to create a more inclusive and equal environment.

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