New Farm Purchases by ‘Little People, Big World’ Stars are Revealed in Sales Drama

New Farm Purchases by 'Little People, Big World' Stars are Revealed in Sales Drama

Little People, Big World Amy and Matt discuss the sale of the farm: “Children can’t afford it”

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff had a fierce debate about selling their family’s farm at the Little People, Big World Season 23 finale, and Amy checked Matt’s price negotiations. In an episode, 57-year-old Patriarch Lorov told his 60-year-old ex-husband, adding that Matt had created a “white nest” through a complex farm sale. “Fortunately, this family has 93 acres,” the four fathers assured A Little Me’s writer, “No, Matt Lorov has 93 acres. No, “he answered.

During the discussion, the two went back and forth between the $ 4 million price Matt decided to sell the farm. Matt claimed that there was a “family award” that the kids knew, but Amy reiterated what she thought would at least be offered to the kids. “It’s a sense of qualification to ruin it,” a former computer programmer said in an episode.

Little People, Big World': Zach Roloff Talks Moving On From Roloff Farms Sale

He went on to explain, “meaning expectations, they get it for free and don’t work,” adding that children are generally qualified. Amy concludes before the title screen says, “There’s nothing we consider to be a Lorov farm anymore. Three days after this conversation, the real estate company dropped the sign for sale.” Was given.

The discussion in her last episode is not the first time Amy has criticized Matt’s decision to negotiate. She had previously brought up the treatment of the sale of Lorov Farm by her ex-spouse, and a dispute continued between her father and her sons Zachrolov and Jeremy Lorov.

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LPBW's Zach Roloff Hopes to Buy Farmhouse From Amy and Matt

I don’t know much about the negotiations between Zack and Matt. ” “Matt is still a father and still an’adult’. I don’t care how old your child is, sometimes they may need to learn, but you as an adult , As a father, I know you may have to go higher. ” Reality Star bought a huge real estate in 1990 to raise four children. Located in Helvetia, Oregon, the farm covers more than 100 acres. Previously, it was open to the public for a month each year during the pumpkin season.

In addition to selling pumpkins, Amy and Matt had big plans for Lorov Farm when they first bought it. They wanted to make it a “magical place for his children,” so Matt was a western town with underground tunnels, Mollies Castle, Twin Swamp Forts, Matt’s Bridge, Secret Forest, and the eerie ones. A tower of horror that turned it into one by building such an imaginative playground.

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