Microsoft and Netflix offer a cheaper, ad-supported subscription option


Netflix and Microsoft will offer their first ad-supported subscription. Netflix unveiled a new ad-supported product months ago as its subscription base shrank. Both companies posted updates on their blogs, but it’s unclear when the new ad-supported model will launch. Subscription details remain unknown. Microsoft is “thrilled” to be Netflix’s sales and technology partner.

Microsoft advertisers can reach Netflix and linked TV audiences. Microsoft will deliver all Netflix adverts. Netflix says it is ad-free, basic, standard, and premium plans will remain available. Netflix COO Greg Peters: “We have much to do at this stage. Our long-term goal is to offer consumers more choice and marketers a better-than-linear TV brand experience “less. Reuters said Netflix is in talks with Warner Bros, Universal, and Sony Pictures TV to establish an ad-supported subscription model.

netflix with ads is coming

It may suggest the new model covers only specific titles from its in-house production section and Hollywood studios. Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers, below its forecast of 2.5 million. The corporation faces competition from Disney and Amazon, a failing economy, the Russia-Ukraine war, and exorbitant subscription prices. Disney+ will also have an ad-supported tier.

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Netflix can easily sell ads with its 222 million users. Microsoft partnership will boost ad tools and sales. While advertisers would enjoy the chance to advertise on Netflix, the new plan will also provide a new subscription that may be more popular in places like India where consumers don’t pay for premium memberships. Netflix discourages password-sharing. The corporation will charge customers who share passwords with others. Netflix piloted three countries in March (Peru, Costa Rica, and Chile).

Analyst slams Netflix-Microsoft ad agreement, says deal conceals 'hidden agenda'

When will Netflix have ads?

Netflix’s new initiative is in early stages, according to a blog post. Given that this is the first formal announcement, we expect the next tier to be released soon. Netflix wants to provide customers more alternatives and advertisers a better-than-linear TV experience.

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How will Microsoft Collaborate with Netflix?

Microsoft stated it is “thrilled” to be Netflix’s technology and sales partner for their first ad-supported subscription offering. Microsoft will deliver all Netflix adverts. Microsoft advertisers will have access to Netflix and premium linked TV material.


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