Nancy Cartwright Net Worth, Early Life, Career And Charity

Nancy Cartwright Net Worth, Early Life, Career And Charity

Nancy Cartwright is an American film and television actress, comedian, and voice actor. Nancy Cartwright has a net worth of $ 80 million. Cartwright is best known for his long-standing role as Bart Simpson in the animated series .

Salary and contract According to their latest deal, each Simpsons leading voice actor earns $ 300,000 per episode. That’s about $ 7 million per season.

Nancy also wrote to Goofy Troop (1992-1993), Rugratz (1992; 2002-2004), Critics (1994-1995), Pinky, Elmira & The Brain (1998-1999), Kim Possible (2002). Also called out. -2007) and many other animation projects.

Nancy Cartwright voices Bart Simpson. Listen to our interview. - Vox

Early Life

Nancy Cartwright was born on October 25, 1957 in Dayton, Ohio as Nancy Jean-Luc Nancy. She grew up in Kettering, Ohio with her mother Miriam, her father Frank, and her five siblings. Sadly, Miriam died in 1978.

Nancy attended St. Charles Borromeo and Fairmont West High School, and as a fourth grader, she won the school’s speech contest, where she played Rudyard Kipling’s “How a Camel Got a Hump.”

At Fairmont, she appeared in school plays, was a member of a marching band, and was president of the Forensic League.

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Cartwright frequently participates in her public speaking contests, and she has been ranked number one in the “Humorous Interpretation” category of national tournaments for the second year in a row.

Nancy Cartwright – Surprise Yourself and You Will Surprise Everyone Else

As an actress, Cartwright has been involved in the films “Twilight Zone: Movies” (1983) and “Godzilla” (1998), as well as the television shows “Cheers” (1985) and “Mr. Bel Air’s Fresh Prince” Belvedere “(1987). Year), “Fresh” (1995), “24” (2007).

Nancy published her autobiography “My Life” as a 10-year-old boy in 2000 and incorporated it into a woman’s play in 2004.

She founded two production companies, Sports Blast and Spotted Cow Entertainment. She wrote and produced the 2017 film Finding Fellini, based on the award-winning 1995 female play co-authored with Peter Kenanas.

She also made the television movie Rapsittie Street. She is a kid: Believe in Santa (2002) and Holiday Joy (2016).

In the 1980s, Nancy produced audio works in My Little Pony: The Movie (1986), The Legend of Pond Puppy and Big Poe (1988), The Little Mermaid (1989), and Shirt Tales (1983). She – 1985) She is Snorks (1984–1988), and My Little Pony’n Friends (1986–1987), and she starred in the films Flesh and Blood (1985) and Yellow Pages (1988).

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Personal Life
On December 24, 1988, Nancy married writer Warren Murphy, a 24-year-old senior, and she met him two months later. They welcomed her daughter Lucy and son Jack before divorcing in 2002, and Murphy died of heart failure in 2015.
Cartwright grew up in a Roman Catholic family, but she joined the Church of Scientology in the early 1990s, and after she gave a $ 10,000,000 donation, she was a member of the organization’s Patronage Awards in 2007.  Nancy began a relationship with Scientologist contractor Stephen Bracket in 2007, and the two were engaged at the time of Bracket’s tragic death in May 2009.

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