My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3: Cast, Plot, Release Date and Much More

Actress Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, and Elena Kampouris will reprise their roles in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3. Toula’s aunt Voula and cousins Angelo and Nick will likely be back, as will Lanie Kazan as Maria Portokalos and possibly Alex Wolff, Paris’s crush and eventual boyfriend from the sequel movie.

Cast Of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3”: Let’s Get To Know

The Portokalos family is expected to join Vardalos in Greece, including Corbett (Ian), Elena Kampouris (the couple’s daughter Paris), Lainie Kazan (Toula’s mother Maria), and Andrea Martin (Toula’s aunt Voula), although the full cast has not yet been announced.

Micheal Constantine who played Gus, Toula’s Windex-loving father in the first two films. Several members of the Greek Wedding cast gathered in 2021 to remember their on-screen patriarch, Constantine, who died in 2021. During a September Instagram post, Vardalos wrote, “He had informed me he could not join us for the third film and he hoped that we go on.” To honor Michael’s wishes, I crafted the script to reflect his final words to me, in which he expressed his hope that we would begin filming soon.

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Let’s Get to Know What Is The Excitement All About?

Vardalos is a gifted actress and director. I Hate Valentine’s Day, which she co-wrote and co-starred in with John Corbett, Zoe Kazan, and Ben Schwartz, was her third feature film after the My Big Fat Greek Wedding trilogy (Parks and Rec, Sonic the Hedgehog). Genevieve, a florist, has such a problem with intimacy that she has a strict rule stating that she will not date anyone for more than five dates. She runs into Greg (Corbett), a laid-back restaurateur, quite by accident. Genevieve must decide whether to break her strict rule or continue on life’s journey alone when they quickly fall in love.

It’s a good rom-com, regardless of whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or any other time of year. Vardalos has a unique directing style that is equal parts funny and poignant. Clearly, audiences can expect a lot from Nia Vardalos.

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Plot Of The Movie

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Starring Nia Vardalos Everything to Know

“Toula and Ian are not grandparents” in the upcoming film. Vardalos made it clear on Instagram, but there are no official plot details just yet. But according to Deadline, the family is planning to be in Greece for their daughter’s wedding.

The Release Date

We can’t wait for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 to see Nia Vardalos take on the roles of both director and star. While the film’s release date is still up in the air, production has already begun. In the second half of the year, we can expect it to be released.

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