More Mississippi Cities Opt Out Of Medical Marijuana Program

More Mississippi cities opt out of medical marijuana program

So far, nearly 40 communities and counties in Mississippi have pulled out of the state’s new medical marijuana program, with the deadline just days away. Biloxi’s Sun Herald confirmed this week that at least 28 cities and 16 counties have decided to opt out before his May 10 deadline.

Cities in Mississippi to discuss participating in medical marijuana program

Citizens Largely Voted Against Medical Marijuana

Most people chose to opt-out of all MMJ operations. According to the newspaper, Biloxi, known for its casinos, chose it. MJBiz Factbook 2022 expects sales to reach $265 million in his first year and $800 million in year four. An opt-out provision is one of the elements of a program lawmakers passed in January.
 The new law also imposes limits on the potency and purchase of products. However, there is no state cap on licenses. Online license applications will begin in June, according to the Mississippi Department of Health and Human Services website.
Approval decisions will be made within 30 days of the application being submitted. According to the Sun Herald, cities and counties that have passed the opt-out deadline have no choice afterward. However, those who initially voted against may choose to participate later, either by local government approval or by voting.

The Sun Herald reported that at least two cities declined to participate and then voted to rejoin. Voters overwhelmingly approved his MMJ initiative at his 2020 ballot box, but the Mississippi Supreme Court overturned it on technical grounds.

During the 2022 Mississippi Legislature, the legislature passed SB 2095, establishing a state medical marijuana program. The move comes after the initiative process by which medical marijuana was approved by voters was overruled by the state Supreme Court.

Final tally released of cities, counties opting out of Medical Marijuana program | Mississippi Politics and News - Y'all Politics

As part of the new law, Mississippi cities and counties have until May 3, 2022, to decide whether to opt out of allowing medical marijuana businesses at the border.

Ridgeland and Pass Christian are her two first cities in Mississippi to pull out of the medical marijuana program. Clinton and Madison are the latest cities to opt-out. Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler announced Tuesday that the city has voted unanimously to oppose the Mississippi medical marijuana law.

As Mississippi Cities Opt-Out Of Medical Marijuana, Business Hopefuls Shut Out

Our community is our number one priority,” said Hawkins Butler. “The restrictions on our zoning agency, our failure to allow clinics and growing facilities to be close to churches, schools, and daycare centers without opening them to the public, and the increased risk to first responders, Cities those who have opted to stay away from Medical Marijuana are as follows :

  • Pass Christian
  • Ridgeland
  • Brandon
  • Gluckstadt
  •  Flora
  • Pontotoc
  • Madison
  • Clinton

Cities in Mississippi To Discuss Participating In The Medical Marijuana Program.

Tupelo City Council to take final look at medical marijuana in city | Local News |

Although some studies have shown that medical marijuana is not correlated with higher crime rates, it generally makes marijuana more accessible to those who have not been prescribed it.

“We are definitely disappointed that these four municipalities have decided to opt out, especially since more than 127,000 total voters in the counties where these communities are located voted for medical cannabis in 2020. Considering that,” said Melvin Robinson, spokesman for the Mississippi Cannabis Trade Association.

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Residents of each affected city have launched petitions to opt back into the program, according to the association. To hold a special election, the petition must have the lesser of her 1,500 signatures or her 20% of voters. An election to unopt out must be held within 60 days of the petition submission date.

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