Majority Of Missouri Voters To Legalize Marijuana, State Officials To Verify Signatures For Ballot Initiative

According to a recent poll, a majority of Missouri voters, including a majority of Republicans, favour legalising marijuana for adult use. Activists are awaiting confirmation of signatures for a ballot petition from state officials. Election Day

SurveyUSA surveyed 2,000 state residents about their opinions on marijuana laws and abortion rights. 26 per cent of Missourians oppose marijuana legalisation, compared to 62 per cent who support it.

Republicans as a whole (47%) are in favour of lifting the restriction. Democrats approve of the policy change with 78% of the vote, compared to 68% of independents. In contrast to Biden supporters, Trump supporters (49%) believed marijuana should be legalised (76%).

Young people, like in previous polls, supported legalisation, but all age groups, with the exception of those over 65, agreed that cannabis prohibition should cease.

Interviews with 1,981 registered voters were conducted as part of the poll, which was conducted from July 24-27 for regional television stations in Missouri. The error margin is +/- 2.6 percentage points.

Legal A legalisation initiative in Missouri 2022 received almost 400,000 signatures in May, but county officials warn some activists may not be eligible in certain regions. To qualify for the ballot, they must collect enough signatures in six of the state’s eight congressional districts, but they are falling short in two.

According to John Payne of Legal Missouri, the campaign is still optimistic, and activists are checking local results for inaccuracies.

“We have more than enough signatures to qualify on the November ballot,” Payne stated in late July as more counties submitted their signature counts. The Missouri 2022 Legal Campaign is enthusiastic that Missouri voters will soon make a decision as they continue to tally valid voter signatures.

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The ballot measure’s outcome is uncertain because the Secretary of State won’t complete the signature count until August 9.

Payne successfully oversaw a 2018 effort to legalise medical marijuana in Missouri.

Some supporters and participants advocated for legislative reform, such as Rep. Ron Hicks’ (R) legalisation bill, in opposition to the ballot measure.

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The legislation for this year passed the committee and was scheduled to be debated on the House floor in May, but the leadership wished to proceed before the session came to a conclusion.

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The 2022 Missouri Legal Reform Initiative

The initiative would impose a 6% tax on recreational cannabis sales and use the money earned to prosecute non-violent marijuana-related offences. Up to 3 ounces of cannabis may be purchased by adults over 21. They may also grow up to six blooming plants.

The programme would be governed by Health and Senior Services, which would also provide cannabis business licences.

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Dual-licensed adults would be served first in medical marijuana stores that already exist.

The validity of medical marijuana cards would increase from one to three years, and caregivers could see two times as many patients. Cannabis stores and microbusinesses may be outlawed by local voters.

Legal Missouri 2022 is supported by the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association, the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, the ACLU of Missouri, the NAACP chapters of St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and St. Charles County, NORML KC, and the Missouri Association of Civil Liberties Attorneys. However, some supporters and participants are against it.

The absence of language prohibiting a licence cap, according to the Hicks bill’s backers, will prevent the burgeoning market from being competitive. Some others are concerned that the law will give medical marijuana businesses an advantage in the adult-use market.

A Missouri senator sponsored a bill to offer citizens more control over how the proceeds from the medical cannabis tax are allocated to veterans. Equal Access This year, Missouri looked at a number of citizen initiatives but did not collect signatures.

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Other Drug Policy Ballot Initiatives Are As Follows:

A November ballot initiative to legalise marijuana must have enough valid signatures, according to officials in Arkansas. In November, Colorado voters will decide whether to licence psilocybin “healing centres” and legalise psychedelics.

Activists from South Dakota and North Dakota collected enough signatures in May to make marijuana legal. Legislators in Maryland passed a referendum without the governor’s approval. The law was not signed by the governor.

People in Nebraska have signed petitions to make medical marijuana legal. Ohio residents will get a chance to legalise marijuana in 2023 thanks to a court battle. Activists in Michigan are preparing for a ballot initiative in 2024.

Until 2024, Wyoming’s pro-marijuana advocates won’t give up. A ballot initiative to legalise psilocybin mushrooms in California was defeated. Marijuana use may be legal in Texas, West Virginia, and Ohio.

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