Michigan’s Can-Lab Joins SC Labs National Cannabis and Hemp Testing Network


A cannabis research facility in Michigan Canadian Testing Laboratory (Can-Lab) is now part of the SC Labs national testing network. With the recent acquisition of Colorado’s Agricor and Botanacor Laboratories, California-based SC Labs is now licensed to test cannabis in four states: California, Oregon, Colorado, and Michigan. SC Labs now has national hemp testing facilities in Colorado and California. This is a significant number of testing labs for the cannabis sector in the United States.

According to newly appointed CEO Jeff Journey, “Michigan is one of the industry’s fastest growing markets so this was an important acquisition for us.” More importantly, we are bringing the scientific knowledge gained over the course of more than three decades to the market in Michigan with the goal of providing consumers with safe goods. Customers may trust us as a long-term, dependable lab partner because of our solid finances and rigorous testing procedures.

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Can-Lab, located in Warren, Michigan, provides expedited data delivery across ten analytic panels to guarantee the quality and safety of cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. Can-Lab is well-known for providing repeatable and reliable test findings for businesses of all sizes. ISO-certified and state-licensed as a safety compliance laboratory, the organization is widely regarded as the gold standard in cannabis testing due to its highly skilled staff, extensive testing capabilities, and devoted clientele.

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According to SC Labs co-founder and Chief Administrative Officer Jeff Gray: “By bringing together the Agricor, Botanacor, and Can-Lab brands with SC Labs, we are able to provide a new level of streamlined service and convenience to the cannabis supply chain.”

“Under the new SC Labs umbrella, effective August 1st, cannabis and hemp customers will be serviced by one customer care team and one accounting department regardless of the state in which they are operating, and we will soon be launching innovative data tools that will give multi-state operators more analytical insights that will tremendously benefit their businesses.”

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What We Do at SC Labs

The company operates in multiple states and is comprised of three of the most trusted testing facilities in the business. A pioneer in developing a nationwide hemp testing panel, SC Labs has been operating as a licensed testing facility for the cannabis sector since its inception in 2010. Established in 2014, Botanacor Laboratories has quickly become North America’s preeminent third-party testing platform for hemp and hemp-derived products, having been the first lab in the country to achieve both CDPHE and ASTM’s CANNQ/HEMPQ certifications.

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Additionally established in 2014, Agricor Laboratories has quickly become Colorado’s preferred independent cannabis testing facility. Accreditation bodies have determined that these labs consistently apply cGMP and GLP standards. The business has obtained certifications and licenses in the states of California, Oregon, Colorado, and Michigan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hemp Testing Network

  1. What is the price of a CBD test?
    The majority of businesses will charge $50 for each test they do on a sample. Price bundles for more thorough testing that includes several tests can range from $100 to $300.
  2. What is a hemp test?
    The measurements’ goal is to establish if the tested material’s total THC concentration is below the acceptable THC range for hemp. THC concentrations in hemp grown in accordance with a USDA, State, or Tribal hemp production plan are subject to sampling and compliance testing.
  3. How reliable is CBD testing?
    One hundred two products out of the entire sample of 147 had labels that specifically stated the amount of CBD they contained. The FDA investigators discovered that just 45% of these products “contained CBD within 20% of the amount indicated.” In addition, they point out that 49 per cent of them had THC or THCA in them even though their labels did not say so.
  4. What is the cost of testing hemp?
    We calculate testing costs at $136 per pound of dried cannabis flower for the 2019 California market using our best estimates of average batch size (8 pounds) and failure rate (4 per cent). This represents around 10% of the state’s reported average wholesale price of legal cannabis.


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