Merry Happy Whatever Season 2: Renewal Status, Plot & More Updates in 2023!

Merry Happy Whatever Season 2

The black comedic drama series Merry Happy Whatever, a Netflix original, was written and directed by Tucker Cawley.

The program, which was developed as an anthology series, centers on the Quinn family’s joint Christmas celebrations.

The chaos that happens anytime a family gathers for the holidays is portrayed in the television program.

Merry Happy Whatever Season 2

Merry Happy Whatever, a Christmas-themed program, follows the strict and watchful Don Quinn as he takes care of his Philadelphia family. He is, nevertheless, quite wary of strangers.

Dad enforces the family rule when Emmy, Don’s youngest daughter, brings home a failed musician as a boyfriend from Los Angeles. The Quinn method and the incorrect way both exist.

Thanksgiving Day saw the broadcast of the inaugural season’s premiere. The program was devoured by happy viewers, as was expected.

The question at hand is whether or not Merry Happy Whatever will return for a second season.

We’ll answer that question later, but first, let’s go over some background information about the series.

Merry Happy Whatever Season 2 Renewal Status

There is some bad news for the show’s viewers. Netflix terminated Merry Happy Whatever’s second season in April 2020.

The comedy produced by the streaming behemoth frequently got negative reviews, which resulted in the show’s cancellation after only one season.

Since they believed the show merited another season, many viewers are disappointed in the decision. Only the support of the viewers will let the series survive right now.

If viewers continue to express their enthusiasm and want a second season, it’s possible that Netflix or another network may pick up the show.

Why was Merry Happy Whatever season 2 canceled?

Merry Happy Whatever Season 2

The Netflix original series’ demise has no formal justification, but we can make assumptions based on audience response.

Merry Happy Whatever received mainly favorable reviews from reviewers upon its initial release, garnering a 33% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 60% rating from viewers.

Merry Happy will always have its supporters and its opponents. Whatever the case, as with every show, the question is whether its cancellation was merely due to low viewing, or whether it was just another one of Netflix’s mysterious cancellations.

The latter choice appears to be the best one.

The show’s creator, Tucker Cawley, apparently posted a farewell Instagram snapshot with a statement implying it wasn’t an easy choice.

Merry Happy Whatever Season 2 Cast and characters


  • Dennis Quaid as Don Quinn, the hard and conservative patriarch of the Quinn family and a deputy sheriff in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
  • Bridgit Mendler as Emmy Quinn, Don s youngest daughter who brings her boyfriend home for the holidays
  • Brent Morin as Matt, Emmy s boyfriend who is a struggling musician in Los Angeles, constantly being shadowed by Don
  • Ashley Tisdale as Kayla, Don s closeted middle daughter, who becomes Matt s friend
  • Siobhan Murphy as Patsy, Don s eldest optimistic and super excited daughter
  • Adam Rose as Todd, Don s Jewish son-in-law and Patsy s husband, who at all times tries to impress Don unsuccessfully
  • Elizabeth Ho as Joy Quinn, Don s daughter-in-law, and Sean s wife, who tries to warn Matt that Don will do everything to get him away from Emmy
  • Hayes MacArthur as Sean Quinn,[11] Don s dimwitted son who is recently unemployed


  • Garcelle Beauvais as Nancy, a nurse at Morristown Urgent Care and Don s love interest
  • Mason Davis as Sean Jr., Sean s eldest son who recently became an atheist
  • Lucas Jaye as Donny, Sean s younger son


  • Tyler Ritter as Alan, Kayla s estranged husband is planning to divorce her.
  • Chris Myers as Bryan, Nancy s son disapproves of the relationship between his mother and Don.
  • Dan Castellaneta as Ted Boseman, Don s friend who is forced into offering Emmy a great new job after Don did not arrest him after committing a crime.
  • Paul Dooley as Grandpa Jack, Don s father-in-law openly dislikes Don and believes he was never good enough for his daughter.

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Merry Happy Whatever Storyline

The patriarch of the family Don Quinn is introduced in Merry Happy Whatever and is eager to spend time with his loved ones over the holiday season.

Don works to reunite his split family for a special occasion in spite of their demands, struggles, and worries.

Emmy, his youngest child, and her fiancé are traveling from Los Angeles.

Don loves his family dearly and finds it impossible to picture life without them.

Therefore, regardless of who decides to crash their G-rated party, all that matters to him is spending time with his kids.

Here, we have a visitor named Matt who, regrettably, is a budding musician. And as was to be expected, Don smiles and appears happy on the outside, but inside he is angry and depressed.

One such is when he claims that Christmas is his preferred holiday because he gets to spend it with Matt and my loved ones.

happy holiday Whatever is a multi-camera comedy with a straightforward plot.

Even though the jokes and concepts have been used before, there are still enough laughs to be had.

And if you’re searching for a holiday movie to watch with the family, this is it.

Merry Happy Whatever Season 2 Plot

Merry Happy Whatever Season 2

The concept for the show was based on the winter solstice. There isn’t much room for improvement as a result.

If they so wished, another season might be completed as a post-holiday wrap-up or may be centered around a new holiday.

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Where to watch Merry Happy Whatever?

Netflix now has the first season of Merry Happy Anything available for watching.

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