Matt Holliday Net Worth, Early Life, Career, and Assets & Other Less Known Facts

matt holiday net worth

Matt Holliday’s Net Worth

Matt Holliday’s Net Worth is around $60 Million USD. Matt Holliday is a very famous and successful Personality of America who was recognized as the finest baseball player of this generation. He wants to play in the position of Left Fielder and has achieved numerous milestones.

Early Life & Career

Matt Holliday was born in January of 1980 and is a left fielder for the St. Louis Cardinals in big league Baseball.

Matt Holliday net worth 2022

Matt Holliday spent most of his early years with his father and brother. Matt was a natural athlete, and his body and his physique were quite different than most of the others.

Matt was comparatively bigger in size than most of his friends, and he used this to his advantage. Matt was good at baseball, football, and basketball. He wont to play all three sports in his school.

Later, he became involved in baseball only. His father is additionally a professional coach of baseball and a decent player. Matt learned plenty from his father.

For several teams, Matt has played most of his career in big league Baseball. He has also achieved great heights together with his University team. Matt Holliday first started playing baseball at a really young age. Later, by the time he reached college, he was a knowledgeable player.

Albuquerque Isotopes' Matt Holliday called up to Colorado Rockies |

He was first drafted in 1998 by the Colorado Rockies within the seventh draft round. At the time, he was a senior at Stillwater high school in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Then, after years of minors play, he made it to the main league in 2004. However, he was traded to the Oakland Athletics for the 2009 season.

Once becoming a free agent, Holliday signed again with the Cardinals, with whom he currently features a contract until 2017.

Holliday has won various awards, including six All-Star and 4 Silver Slugger awards. In 2007 he was the runner-up for the National League MVP.

That season he also came in a favorite for the National League’s batting average, RBIs (runs batted in), hits, and double-base hits.

He also won the MVP for 2007’s National League Championship, which helped the Rockies earn their first pennant in the World Series.

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3 Veteran Outfielders Worth Targeting in Fantasy Baseball - Matt Holliday, New York Yankees

Holliday earns $17 million per year as part of a 7-year $120 million contract with the St. Louis Cardinals.

In 2004, he was drafted by the Colorado Rockies, and he played with them till 2008. However, his love for the team never ended, as Matt Holliday also ended his career with Colorado Rockies in 2018.

Matt has been praised and honored with many awards and accolades as well. Matt is a retired player who wants to play as a left fielder. He was a right thrower and right batter. Matt has done really exceptional add his career.

His journey began very soon, as his talent became quite evident. By the time he joined MLB, he was already somebody. Later, he achieved even greater heights. Matt Holliday also features a decent net worth of $60 million.

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Matt Holliday may be a phenomenal personality of America. He lives in America and also owns many real estate properties.

Matt features a huge house in Oklahoma, Colorado, New York, LA, and a few more. Matt spends most of his time at his house in Colorado and sometimes visits Oklahoma.

Matt Holliday features a very decent and beautiful collection of cars, incorporating some of the most exotic ones.

He owns a Ford pickup and a variety of Rover. aside from that, Matt Holliday also features a Mercedes Benz and Porsche.

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