Martha Kelly as Laurie in Euphoria TV Series 2019; A Standup Comedian

Martha Kelly is an American actress and stand-up comedian best known for her roles in Baskets, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Marriage Story (2016). When Kelly was 25 years old, she gave stand-up comedy a go at the Laugh Factory in her native Los Angeles. Her wealth and self-assurance increased over the course of five years. After years of stand-up comedy, Kelly made her acting debut in January 2016 when longtime friend Zach Galifianakis asked her to co-star in his FX comedy series Baskets.

As a stand-up comedian and actor who has been in shows including FX’s Baskets and Fox’s The Great North, Martha Kelly are well known for her comedic performances. However, there she is in the current Euphoria season, portraying Laurie, a drug dealer who is just as serious as a shot of morphine, which she, coincidentally, gave to Rue, played by Zendaya, in the most recent episode.

Martha Kelly On The Way To Laurie In Euphoria

She was hand-picked by Sam Levinson, the showrunner, creator, writer, and executive producer, to play Laurie, a drug-dealing, middle-aged loner. Martha Kelly had no idea what she was getting into when she agreed to play Laurie in Euphoria. This stand-up comedian and “Baskets” breakout star was a fan of “Euphoria.” The Emmy nomination admitted to E! News, “I was really afraid to portray Laurie because I really view the character as just a monster.” And since I perform stand-up comedy, I want the characters I play in any acting roles to be likeable.

Laurie won’t be appearing on this Sunday’s episode of “Euphoria,” but that doesn’t mean she’s finished with Rue. Kelly talked candidly to Variety about the “Euphoria” parts she dreaded filming the most, her favourite moments on-site, and recent laugh tracks.

Laurie is much more mysterious and threatening thanks to Kelly’s subtle performance in the part. In a recent Zoom discussion from her home in Los Angeles, Kelly discusses how she landed the role, what it was like working with Zendaya and Euphoria writer Sam Levinson, and why Laurie is unquestionably someone Rue and viewers should dread during a recent Zoom discussion.

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The Drug-Dealing Villain from “Euphoria” Working with Laurie’s eerie voice and Zendaya

Kelly recalled reading tweets about “Euphoria” on Twitter, most of which featured Zendaya, and viewing stills from the programme. She thought the show’s visual effects and cinematography were fantastic. Kelly remarked, “My boss called and told me to watch it. “Given that I’m 53 and the programme is about teens, I probably wouldn’t have been drawn to it, but the writing and acting are so excellent that you don’t really feel like you’re seeing a bunch of kids go through what they go through on that show.

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A Standup Comedian to Laurie 

Let’s just say that Martha exceeded her own expectations. Martha received a nomination for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for the episode “Stand Still Like the Hummingbird” when Laurie drugs Rue.

“And, I know that not every adolescent engages in sex, does drugs, experiences family strife, or is violent,” Kelly continued. However, “Euphoria” is at its best when it honestly and superbly conveys the fragility, change, fear, excitement, and fun that every adolescent experiences.

When Levinson approached Kelly with the offer to portray Laurie, Kelly was shocked—and terrified—but she knew she had to accept it, even if doing so might expose her to criticism from some of the most ardent TV show fans out there.


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