Marijuana Bills, Increased Penalties For carjacking Among Laws Going Into Effect

Marijuana bills, increased penalties for carjacking among laws going into effect

Many laws passed by parliament in 2022 come into force on Monday. This includes new laws related to marijuana and tougher penalties for carjacking and other crimes. Act 473, which took effect August 1, eliminates the smell of marijuana as a reason for law enforcement to search a person’s home without a warrant, and Act 478 prohibits smoking or vaping drugs in motor vehicles on highways.

“It is illegal for a motor vehicle driver or passenger to smoke or vaporize any form of marijuana or any Schedule I classified substance while the motor vehicle is being driven on a public road or priority road. Marijuana, means tetrahydrocannabinol, or its chemical derivatives,” said the latter.


Considered non-moving ones that do not impact a driver`s record — come with a $100 fine. Act 651 provides protections for state workers who legally use medical marijuana in compliance with the state`s medical marijuana program.

“No employer shall subject an employee or prospective employee to negative employment consequences based solely on a positive drug test for marijuana, marijuana components, including tetrahydrocannabinol, or marijuana metabolites if the employee or prospective employee has been clinically diagnosed as suffering from a debilitating medical condition and a licensed physician has recommended marijuana for therapeutic use by the employee in accordance with” state law, Act 651 reads.

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What The Laws Says

The law does not protect employees from adverse job actions when they are impaired by marijuana at work and specifically exempts state employees who work or operate vehicles, emergency medical professionals, law enforcement, firefighters, public safety officials, and state employees of the horse racing commission.

Act 127 aims to crack down on thefts of catalytic converters and engine control modules by creating a new crime and requiring salvage yards that buy and sell the parts to register with local law enforcement.


The law imposes fines and imprisonment for stealing catalytic converters based on value. Law 127 also increases penalties for repeat offenders.

Congress also increased penalties for those convicted of carjacking under Law 131 or probation ” The law was inspired by an elderly New Orleans woman who died this spring after being involved in car theft and being dragged around the block.

Louisiana legislators also increased penalties for violating a protection order while possessing a firearm, with Act 75 fines up to $1,000 and three months to two years in prison for her. punishment is imposed.

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Law 129, which also goes into effect Monday, increases penalties for those convicted of battery by emergency room attendants, EMS personnel, or medical professionals. Conviction carries a fine of up to $1,000 and 15 days to six months in prison for her. Subsequent offenses carry the same fines and imprisonment from one to three years.

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