Madison County Sheriff’s Deputies Seize 280 Pounds Of Marijuana In Drug Raid

Madison County Sheriff's deputies seize 280 pounds of marijuana in drug raid

Madison County Sheriff’s Office deputies seized 280 pounds of marijuana during a recent drug raid in Godfrey. According to Sheriff’s Office investigator Capt. Brian Coberna, he answered a call for duty at Block 200 of Woodbury Manor on August 5.

The content of the call was not disclosed. Upon arrival, agents found evidence of large amounts of marijuana in the residence. Coberna said agents obtained a search warrant and found a large stash of marijuana and other drug-related items.

Drug Bust Leads To Recovery Of Fentanyl, Meth, Cocaine & Marijuana


Madison County Sheriff’s Deputies Seize 280 Pounds Of Marijuana In Drug Raid

More than 200 pounds of marijuana were seized during a police raid in Godfrey, according to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s Department investigator Capt. Brian Coberna said authorities were summoned to the 200 block of Woodbury Manor on Friday and found evidence of large amounts of cannabis in the residence.

The search warrant confirmed the suspicions. Jordan M. Godfrey Pratt, 25, was taken into custody and charged with possessing cannabis for the purpose of supplying methamphetamine and illegally possessing it. The price of Pratt’s bond is his $70,000. Coberna explained that the incident remains under active investigation.

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According to Coberna, police arrested 25-year-old Jordan Pratt at his home. The Madison County Attorney’s Office charged Pratt with illegal possession of marijuana for supply purposes and illegal possession of methamphetamine.

Pratt remains in jail on $70,000 bail. Coberna said no additional information will be provided as the investigation is ongoing.

Madison Co. K-9 Drug Bust

The search warrant was obtained as a result of a lengthy and ongoing drug investigation. Drugs seized included over 569 grams of powdered cocaine, over 50 grams of methamphetamine, over 159 grams of ecstasy, over 244 grams of oxycodone, over 366 grams of hydrocodone, over 34 grams of crack cocaine, over 64 grams of carisoprodol, and over 44 grams.

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Xanax, 15 grams or more of morphine, 9 pounds or more of marijuana, and several different narcotics. Firearms, ammunition, and tools were also seized, along with over $25,000 in cash. One arrest has been made at this time, with further arrests pending.

The Resulting Search Uncovered:

  • 49 grams of Fentanyl
  • 32 grams of methamphetamine
  • 26 grams of cocaine
  • Three pounds of marijuana

Rushing was charged with triple-drug trafficking and possession of controlled substances for distribution.



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