Luther Season 6 Release Date: Is Luther series Cancelled? Latest Updates!

Luther Season 6

Luther is a British psychological crime thriller television series created by Neil Cross. It stars Idris Elba as DCI John Luther and Ruth Wilson as Alice Morgan. Luther must prosecute criminals while Morgan, the murderer, has a complicated relationship with him.

The first season consists of six episodes that aired between May and June 2010. The second series of four episodes aired on BBC One in June and July 2011, and the third series of four episodes was commissioned in 2012 and premiered in July 2013.

A two-part fourth series debuted in December 2015, and a four-part fifth season premiered on 1 January 2019. BBC Studios is responsible for distribution.

Elba’s portrayal of John Luther earned him a Critics’ Choice Television Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Eleven Primetime Emmy Award nominations in various categories were also garnered for the series, including four for Elba for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie.

Will There Be Season 6 Of Luther?

LUTHER: Season 2 | KPBS Public Media

There will not be a sixth season of Luther, according to creator Neil Cross.

There hasn’t been any new episodes of the hit drama, which stars Idris Elba as DCI John Luther, in nearly two years, but it doesn’t look like there will be a season six on television anytime soon.

“There is not going to be a season six,” Cross said in an interview with Insider magazine in Australia (via Daily Mail).

In any case, he did say that there would be “interesting news” in the near future, which coincides with a planned sequel picture.

Idris, [director] Jamie Payne, and I will have some great news to report shortly,” he continued. In the future, “there’ll be more, but it won’t be Season Six.”

“All I can say, I’m afraid, is there will be an announcement shortly,” Cross told the Sunday Post in October, referring to a “major” development.

As a result of our ardent devotion to the show, we’re eagerly awaiting an announcement from the network. “But something major is coming,” says Idris.

Elba has spoken out about the long-rumored picture, saying he can’t wait to see his detective on the big screen.

A film starring Luther has long been a goal of the actor’s. The film is what I think we’re going to end up with.” That’s something I’m looking forward to accomplishing… I can’t believe it’s happening!

As Elba went on to say, “The sky’s the limit when working with movies. The narratives can be a little more daring and international, and a little higher on the scale. However, John Luther will always remain John Luther.”

Tovey stars in Cross’ ITV series The Sister with Bertie Carvel and Amrita Acharia as his co-stars.

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Luther Season 6 Plot:

Luther' Season 5: The Idris Elba Show Ends With Big Screen Ambitions | IndieWire

Detective Luther was a workaholic who refused to take a break. This first impressed his colleagues; they appreciated his work ethic and eagerness to apprehend all the crooks.

However, they eventually discovered that the individual was suffering from a severe moral collapse and crisis. He once did everything he could not prevent a serial murderer from being killed in an accident because that was against his moral values.

Luther’s wife cheated on him while he was suspended, and they divorced. The man continued working over the deadline and developed an obsession with the procedure.

Additional psychopaths entered his life; they either desired to murder him or promised him companionship. He already has nothing to lose, and he enters the path of despicable powerful individuals. He was, however, unprepared for the number of deaths that would result.

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