Love Island Season 8 Episode 33 Review: Recoupling, Heartbreaks, Faking Feelings and Much More!!!

Love Island season 8 episode 33

Love Island Season 8 Episode 33

Right where the previous episode had left off, episode 33 opened with the dramatic Casa Amor recoupling’s aftermath. The episode hinted at a lot of recoupling. As some highlights are getting Jacques into trouble, Tasha is developing feelings for two boys. As a result, Jay is not feeling too good.

Recoupling And Jacques In Doghouse

“Do you know how disrespectful you’ve been?”, Paige asked the upset Jacques as he sat on the stairs with his head in his hands.  Also, before telling him he had to “be a man for once in his life.”

Love Island's Dami's decision 'sealed' as viewers spot telling comment by  Jacques - Mirror Online

The rugby player Jacques thought of leaving the villa. Also, he told his friend Luca that there was “no purpose in me being here” because Paige “deserves better.”

Then it was time for the villa to go to bed for the first time with their new couples. Also, filling the room to capacity and giving Jacques a doghouse. Fans believed Luca wanted to tell Gemma he loved her as the two of them hugged in a sweet moment.

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Tasha’s Connection With The Boys

Love Island spoilers: Andrew disappointed as Tasha may feel a connection with new boy Charlie

As she balances Billy and Andrew while revealing that she has ties with both males. Tasha claims she feels like there are “eagle eyes on me”. Nevertheless, in a shocking scene, Tasha and Andrew are seen cuddling up to one another on the balcony. Andrew tells Tasha that “Actions speak louder than words,” and he also confesses that he is still in love with her.

As Tasha confesses to Coco during their debriefing that Andrew had picked her out of rage basically, Coco and Tasha decide to talk about Andrew’s conduct. Following her debrief with Coco, Tasha snaps at Andrew and demands to know “exactly what occurred” while she was away.

Love Island's Tasha and Andrew over after explosive revelations

He apologizes for being aggressive with Coco out of “spite,” and she demands to know “what happened.” Tasha accuses Andrew of “playing the victim” as the discussion turns tense, and while she is still speaking, Andrew rushes out.

A furious Tasha accuses Andrew of lying and declares that she is “done” before cuddling with Billy in bed as Andrew went to sleep by himself outdoors.

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Jay Doesn’t Feel Good

Love Island fans say Jay Younger should be banned from game due to 'health issue' - Edinburgh Live

Jay acknowledged not feeling like himself, saying, “I feel like I’m faking feelings.” The Edinburgh native admitted that it had nothing to do with Chyna and retreated from his new couple, saying that he just “isn’t feeling it.”

It was then time for Jay to end things with Chyna. As the discovery stunned Chyna. He admitted he views them more as friends and will “wingman” her. This year’s Casa Amor seems to have been the most dramatic yet, with much more fallout likely to come, with multiple couples on the rocks.

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