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Lizzo is the stage name of Melissa Viviane Jefferson, an American singer, rapper, and songwriter. After going to Houston, Texas, where she began performing, she eventually relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she launched her hip-hop recording career. Lizzo released two studio albums prior to signing with Nice Life and Atlantic Records: Lizzobangers and Big Girl Small World, Coconut Oil, Lizzo’s debut EP for a major label, was released in 2016.

Net Worth

At the end of 2022, Lizzo will have a net worth of $10 million. As of 2022, she earns approximately $75K+ each month, with an annual income of $5 million. In addition to her net worth, she earns a yearly salary of $ 2K from movies and YouTube videos, as well as from his stock investments. For his services as an endorser, he charges brands up to $ 7-8 million.

Biography and Early Life

On April 27th, 1988, Lizzo was born. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Lizzo is an American rapper and songwriter. Despite being born in the Motor City of the United States, she was forced to leave her home at the age of 10 months. She relocated to the Texas metropolis of Houston. She began singing at the age of eleven. In Houston, Texas, she found the ideal setting in which to refine her craft. 

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You might be surprised to learn that she’s formally trained in classical music, but don’t let that deter you. Detroit is the place of Melissa’s birth and where she got her stage name, Lizzo. Her family relocated to Houston, Texas, when she was ten years old. Claudia Momen has been her flute teacher since she was ten years old. At Alief Elsik High School in Alief, Texas, she began rapping. She and her buddies formed a band called Cornrow Clique when she was barely 14 years old.

A version of Lissa, Izzo, was the inspiration for Lizzo. To further her studies in flute performance, she enrolled at the University of Houston after graduating from high school. She was 21 when her father died, and for the next year she lived out of her car while pursuing a career in music.

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Personal Life

Lizzo has kept her personal life a secret. As far as her previous partnerships are concerned, there has been no formal confirmation. In 2010, she suffered the devastating loss of her father. After the incident, she remained depressed for quite some time. In addition to the loss of her husband, she was having a difficult time coping with her job woes. A psychic medium in Los Angeles is said to be helping her speak with her father. In spite of her size, she maintains her self-confidence and conveys it via her lyrics. She is regarded as a role model.


Lizzo relocated to Minneapolis in 2011 and has been there since since. As a member of the electro soul-pop combo ‘Lizzo & the Larva Ink’, she played at the festival. Her debut album, “We Are the Chalice”, came out in 2012. It was a hit in its neighbourhood. Lizzobangers,” her first album with a hip-hop focus, was released in 2013. Guardian gave it a 4 out of 5 star review. To little surprise, it topped the Star Tribune’s Twin Cities Critics Tally for 2013’s best albums.

Touring the United States and Great Britain in the fall of 2013, Lizzo performed. As the finest new Twin Cities artist, she took home the City Pages, Picked to Click award from the publication. Following that, she was included in the Times’ list of 14 music talents to keep an eye on in September. In the future, the record was reissued by Virgin Records. Immediately following the publication of her album, she began work on a follow-up. 

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In StyleLikeU’s “What’s Underneath” Project, her relationship with her body was featured. She was moved to write “My Skin” as a result of this experience. When her career took off in 2019, she had an epiphany. Her debut album, “Cuz I Love You”, was released in April of this year. Only a few months later, Coachella had its inaugural show. She gained a household name after the publication of her debut album, Cuz I Love You.

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During the course of her career, she was not only involved in a number of recording projects, but she was also included in the 2019 Netflix film “Someone Great“. Her mastery of the flute has made her a household name. In the Billboard Hot 100, her song “Truth Hurts” became the first number one hit of the year. According to Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, she’s the third female rapper to achieve this achievement while not being featured. “Special”, her fourth album, is expected to be released on July 15th.

Brand Endorsements

Endorsement deals have brought in more over $1 million in revenue for Lizzo. She chooses carefully those brands and goods she works with as an endorser. She’s worked with a slew of well-known businesses throughout the years and has been in numerous of their ads. Among the most notable are the following:

“Absolut Juice” by Absolut Vodka: In 2019, Absolut Vodka’s Absolut Juice ad campaign featured her singing her song “Juice.”

The Super Bowl Ad: One of Lizzo’s songs, “If You Love Me,” was used in an advertisement for Google’s Pixel 6 phone camera.  30 second Super Bowl commercials can cost up to $6.5 million, so Lizzo was certainly payed handsomely for her work on the commercial.

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A First Look Deal on Amazon: Earlier this year, Lizzo struck a deal with Amazon Studios to produce original content for Amazon Prime Video in 2020.To promote a “body positive” message. Lizzo signed a deal with Dove in April of 2021. The singer stripped down to her underwear for the commercial.

Partnering with Logitech: To promote their #DEFYLOGIC campaign with Logitech, Lizzo released “Secret,” a new single, and tweeted the following message: “In case nobody informed you today YOU may BE who you want. Live the life you desire to lead. “THE FUTURE IS OURS. WE ARE IT.” “It’s thrilling to see a business put so much heart into creating real change and stand up to societal standards” because “celebrity looks a lot different today than it did to,” she said in a People piece about the relationship.


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