Lina Esco Leaving S.W.A.T Or Not? We All Need To Expect The Unexpected!

lina esco leaving swat

Actress Lina Esco has played the character of officer Christina “Chris” Alonso on the hit CBS drama S.W.A.T since 2017, and she has become a popular character and fan favorite. Chris has been at the forefront of fans’ minds in recent weeks as a result of her long-awaited romance with her colleague, Alex Russell who plays the character James Street in the show.

Esco Has Also Directed A Number Of Episodes Of The Television Show

The writers didn’t do anything in the latest episode of the show to inspire us to be optimistic about her future. Instead, we were quite concerned. This is someone who has been a huge part of the show for multiple seasons, and that’s before we even get into Chris and Street’s romance, which we’ve all been rooting for.

Lena Esco

Esco has also directed several episodes of the show, proving her dedication to the show. Chris has struggled with a lot of mixed feelings regarding Street throughout the season.

Though she occasionally achieves success, she appears to be on a downward spiral that will not help her in her high-stress job. Given that “SWAT” has never been hesitant to shake things up with surprise deaths and departures, Esco is one of the few cast members who has been with the show from the beginning.

As the episode progressed, fans of the show became more optimistic about Chris’ future with Street. He told her he had feelings for her, after all! but it’s complicated. Working together is an important aspect of the task, and her taking over the safe house could be a solution in theory. If Lina Esco is actually leaving the CBS’ S.W.A.T. or not is currently uncertain.

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Fans feel that many signs in the most recent episode of the action drama indicate that her character’s story is coming to an end. In the 20th Episode of this season, Chris left S.W.A.T. to take over the safe home.

She informed Street that she would be leaving the SWAT Team in two weeks. Also, if Chris were to take over the safe house, her relationship with Street would be able to progress. On the one hand, it may provide her with the perfect exit narrative, while also giving her a cause to leave the program yet return in a smaller role in future episodes.

For the time being, it looks like Chris is interested in taking over the safe-house job and she is quitting SWAT in two weeks! But all we can say for sure is that nothing is certain. Let’s wait and see until Esco herself announces her departure from the show. Because it’s only two weeks away, she’ll almost certainly be playing her character for the rest of the episodes in this season.

Fans worried Chris would be the next original character to leave the series when she was shot at the end of Season 3 in April 2021. Then, in the eighth episode of Season 4, her close colleague Erika played by Lyndie Greenwood was killed.

Lina Esco Leaving 'SWAT' After 5 Seasons as Chris — Read Statement | TVLine

Fans were concerned that Nora Fowler played by Norma Kuhling, the new medic, might take Chris’ place. Fortunately, that did not happen. The finale of S.W.A.T. airs on Sunday, May 22. Fans have just two weeks to find out if Chris is truly leaving the show. The season 5 finale episode is titled  “Farewell”, which does not bode well for Chris’s fans.

It’s worth mentioning again that, as of yet no one has said that Chris’ time on the show is coming to an end, so there’s no reason to think differently unless you hear something official.

Let’s hope the character overcomes her obstacles and finds herself in a better place, one that is still depicted on the show. If she were to leave, her departure from S.W.A.T. will be felt both on and off-screen. Esco is an integral part of the show, and a quick glance through her Instagram profile reveals how passionate she is about the show. Behind-the-scenes photos, frames from episodes she directed, and clips of episode trailers are among her recent S.W.A.T. updates on her profile.

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