Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles Got Married in “The Ultimatum”

Six months after the series debuted on Netflix, Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles married and joined other married couples from the show, including Colby Kissinger, Madlyn Ballatori, Hunter Parr, and Alexis Maloney.

Nate Ruggles and Lauren Pounds depart early from “The Ultimatum”

After two years of dating, Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles joined the cast of Netflix’s newest reality dating experiment, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. She didn’t want children, which put them at a crossroads because he wanted to settle down and grow their family.

She came up about her lack of interest in having children and seemed to click with Colby Kissinger quickly. Lauren acknowledged she worried Nate’s busy schedule might preclude him from co-parenting with her, leaving her with sole responsibility.

Nate acknowledged that he didn’t believe Colby’s motives when the Texas native picked Lauren as his test partner for the following three weeks. He then abruptly ended the conversation with a proposal, stunning almost everyone. Since the two constantly discussed their struggle to agree on starting a family, many people didn’t comprehend the change.

He also intended to select different ladies for the test weddings. Nate said he preferred not to have children over beginning a family with someone else and wanted to marry Lauren. He made a quick proposition, and the two walked away from the test. They defended their relationship during the reunion, saying they sought counseling and made concessions about children.

Six months after the show’s first episode, Lauren and Nate married

Six months after the show’s first episode, Lauren and Nate exchanged vows at a small wedding in Colorado.

They departed the show early as they found it to be toxic. Later, she claimed in a lengthy Instagram post that they felt “punished” for doing so after receiving criticism from onlookers. Lauren said they were content with their decision regardless of the outcome.

Six weeks after their departure, Nate proposed at a park in Austin, and she continued. He knows, as do I that our TV engagement needs to be remade.

In front of about 100 guests, the couple wed at the “ideal venue” they discovered in Colorado. Lauren argued that she never stated that she did not want children but was unsure. A cast member of The Ultimatum claimed that the couple made a concession and decided to have just one kid.

Nate apparently has a “strong” experience that isn’t shown

The 30-year-old actress responded to queries from fans on her Instagram account following the finale and reunion.

Lauren responded that “several things” occurred that she hoped the audience could have seen when asked about a moment she wanted to share but didn’t make the final cut.
She remembered a few “beautiful moments” with Nate and his date with Shanique Brown.

She claimed that during the conversation, he disclosed the passing of his sister in an “emotional” and “strong” story that brought the producers to tears. Netflix has a streaming version of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On.

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