Who Is Kodak Black? Net Worth Age, Height, Wife! How Rich Is The Controversial Rapper?

kodak black net worth

Kodak Black is the new sensation in the rapping industry. At a very young age, he earned a great copious fan base. From the beginning, he has been at the pinnacle for his crazy music and controversy. This article will discuss his net worth, age, and wife.

Kodak Black’s Net Worth:

Kodak Black

A report from Gorila says his net worth in 2022 will be $600k. His main source of income is rapping and doing concerts. Being a professional singer and rapper, his earnings came from song records and albums.

In 2019, he had done several concerts, and back then, his net worth was almost $300k. After that, his net worth increased, and it reached $410k in 2020. In 2021, the record was around $500k.

Kodak Black Early Life:

Kodak Black: Rapper sentenced to nearly four years in prison - BBC News

The full name of this rapper is “Bill Kahan Kapri,” and he uses Kodak Black as his stage name. He was born on 11 th June 1997 in Pompeo, USA.

When he was born, his name was Dyson Octave, and later, he changed his name to Kapri. His mother, Marceline Octave, raised him on her own. Except for the Haitian immigrant, there are no further details about his father.

From his school days, he was the topic of controversy. From fifth grade, he started singing and rapping. However, he got punished and suspended from his school. There are also stories about his imprisonment for stealing in middle school.

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Kodak Black’s Wife And Girlfriend:

The rumours of dating Atlanta model and rapper Essence spread from a viral video. The twerking moves of both and the video of the panther game brought them together.

The fandom is guessing Essence as his girlfriend. Not only that, in several Instagram posts, Black has shared the picture of both.

Kodak’s Age, Height, And Physical Appearance:

  • Age- 25 years
  • Height- 5’7″
  • complexation – Black
  • Hair Colour- Black
  • Marital Status – single

Kodak Black Career:

Kodak began his career at the age of 12 when he played with a band called brutal Young. After leaving that group, he started his career in J- Black’s local rap group. In 2013, he joined Kolyons, and from there, his career leaped. He recorded his first mixtape called ‘baby’.

In 2015, the rapper was seen in a video with the famous rapper Drake. It helped him to get exposure. However, he has released several songs and ranked among the top rappers in the industry. His music influenced his fandom.

The Success Behind His Career:

Kodak Black Says Jada Doesn't 'Deserve' Will Smith: 'You Deserve Me' |  Complex

Recently an accident took place in his life. After Justin Bieber’s birthday party, three people and he met a serious accident. This incident brought the grim in his fandom, but his release from the hospital relieved them.

He started his career at a very early age, and gradually, he achieved a huge fan base. This talented rapper always has had a passion for rapping since his childhood.

For his music, he also got suspended from his school. However he gained fame for the first time in 2015, but the struggle began from an early age. This was the reason for his fame at an early age.

When the rapper was asked about his biggest motivation for music, he was quite transparent with the answer. He opened up about his early life struggle for money.

His neighborhood in Florida was not quite smooth, so he faced financial difficulties. The motivation behind his rapping came from his traumatic past life.

This rapper was also quite talented in academics, not only in music. His rapping skill is no coincidence, making him one of the best rappers in the industry.

However, he was very good in academics too. He was a spelling bee in his school days. He and his friends used to challenge each other for that.

His amazing vocabulary attracted the fandom of Black. He worked for his career from the very beginning, which is why he knew where to make skills. After elementary school, he practiced vocabs and recorded them.

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Kodak Black’s Controversy:

Kodak Black Says He Has Enough Music With Drake to Make an Album | Complex

Kodak Black has been involved in several controversies. In 2017, in an Instagram live video, he was seen with a woman. Both were having oral sex in this live video.

In that year, he also stated that he felt the black-skinned woman was “too gutter.” Such comments made controversies. Apart from that, he was alleged of sexual assault in 2021.

Some Facts About Kodak Black:

  • Kodak is the father of King Khalid Octave, but his wife’s name is not published yet.
  • He is famous on social media, with 9.2 m followers on Instagram.
  • In 2019, he was in prison for keeping weapons.
  • Kodak Black used to have 24 gold teeth which were removed in 2017.

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