Kevin Schultz, of 357 Hemp Logistics, will give a talk on “How to Avoid Costly Mistakes Transporting Hemp”


On August 19 at 3:40 PM CT in Nashville, Tennessee, Kevin Schultz, Co-Founder and President of 357 Hemp Logistics (357), will be a featured speaker at the Southern Hemp Expo. Despite federal hemp legalization, Schultz’s presentation, “Keep on Truckin’ – How to Avoid Costly Mistakes Transporting Hemp,” will discuss the difficulties of interstate hemp transport in the face of a patchwork of various state restrictions.

Schultz highlights the importance of logistics and will advise reducing shipping costs and time due to the rise in fuel and shipping rates.

According to Schultz, hemp shipping is far more complicated and controlled than most other commodities. “I’m excited to provide knowledge on actions consumers can take to minimize the expensive and sometimes harmful outcomes that may arise when corporations wing it on transportation,” the speaker said.

Schultz was recently named to the Hemp Alliance of Tennessee (HAT), which aims to provide hemp businesses with the most resources possible.

According to Fred Cawthon, President of Hemp Alliance of Tennessee, “Kevin’s supply chain and logistical skills will be a tremendous complement to the Hemp Alliance Board’s efforts to make Tennessee #1 for hemp operations.”

The goal of the Hemp Alliance, according to Schultz, is to develop a hemp business in Tennessee that is based on ethics and education. We at 357 think the hemp business will grow quicker and more robust when industry leaders share their combined expertise and experience.

 $75K Complimentary Shipping Insurance

Most hemp businesses don’t realize that their carrier’s cargo insurance policy does not cover hemp until after an event and when they seek to collect. With 357 Hemp Logistics, nothing is left to chance.

It is the first and only logistics firm in the sector to provide free hemp cargo insurance on shipments made on behalf of its customers. In response to increased costs, 357 instantly increases the insurance for each cargo from $50,000 to $75,000 of the stated value.

JP Mendoza, 357 VP of Operational Excellence, stated, “We go above and beyond to ensure your valuable cargo and guarantee that you can trace your whole shipment 24/7 from origin to arriving safely at its destination — on time and under budget.” It’s simply one more way we provide our customers with more value and peace of mind.

 357 Hemp Growth Opportunities

Throughout the epidemic, 357 Hemp Logistics has become more robust. It has expanded its client base and technological capabilities to service almost every legal hemp product category.

Brandon Goehl, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of 357, “At first, our concentration was on domestic shipment of biomass, oils, concentrates, and finished CBD products, such as vapes, tinctures, and topicals.”

“However, a substantial transition is taking place in the American hemp market toward a more extensive range of hemp fiber goods. In the goods we are sending, we can already see that. Technology is crucial to saving expenses and travel time while maintaining cargo security.

We are using dynamic load leveling optimization in addition to real-time tracking and data analysis to serve the rising local demand for industrial hemp, and we have also added foreign capabilities as we get ready for future expansion.

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The following forecasts and figures were emphasized in Grand View Research’s research on the hemp industry:

  • From 2022 to 2030, the industrial hemp market in the United States is anticipated to develop at a 20% CAGR.
  • Due to their excellent nutritional contents and advantageous fatty acids and proteins, hemp seeds and hemp seed oils are becoming popular in food products, cosmetics, and personal care products.
  • By 2030, it is anticipated that the fibers category will continue to dominate the worldwide market.
  • Paper, carpet, furniture, building supplies, insulation, vehicle components, and composites are all made from hemp fibers. The excellent absorbency of hemp fiber makes it ideal for cleaning up oil and gas spills and use as animal bedding.
  • Hemp fibers provide safer chemical-free manufacture for goods like paper, textiles, and construction materials and more environmentally friendly, renewable production.
  • In addition to having excellent strength, low weight, biodegradability, and thermodynamic characteristics, hemp fibers often have positive acoustic and visual qualities.

According to Goehl, “demand is increasing for renewable and eco-friendly items to replace conventional products due to the impending climate disaster.” “Hemp is a practical, affordable alternative for many items.

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We view this as a difficulty wrapped around an opportunity that we can’t wait to unwrap as hemp presently takes up a minor percentage of the textile, animal bedding, paper, and construction materials markets in the United States.

In addition to offering low price, unmatched dependability, and first-rate service, 357 Hemp Logistics provides the technical experience to assure regulatory compliance of hemp shipments at all points in the supply chain, from seed to ultimate sale.

 About The 357 Company

Dedicated to providing unmatched customer service and upholding the highest standards of business ethics, The 357 Company is establishing the gold standard for supply chain management and logistics.

With its headquarters in Illinois, 357’s leadership team has developed operational processes and procedures for some of the biggest brands in the restaurant home delivery and highly regulated medical cannabis industries, including Grubhub, Verano, and PharmaCann.

They also have a combined experience of more than 50 years in transportation, logistics, medical device, and supply chain management. Visit for more details about 357, its subsidiaries 357 Kerbsyde, 357 Logistics, 357 Hemp Logistics, and 357 Marketplace, as well as the logistics sector. You can also follow 357 on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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