Kevin Samuels Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life And Much More

Kevin Samuels Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life And Much More

Kevin Samuels is an American Youtuber, Image Consultant, Dating Expert, Life Coach, and Social Media Influencer who has a net worth of $4 million. He was best known for being one of the top motivational speakers and helped with his advice and guidance.

He helped people create multi-million dollar businesses through his suggestion and motivation. Kevin Samuels would go from being a chemical engineer to at least one of social media’s most popular image consultants.

He also was the brand ambassador and owned a self-titled company. Aside from having success in the business industry, he was involved in numerous controversies throughout his career.

Early Life

Kevin Samuels young pictures

Kevin Roshon Samuels was born on the 13th of March 1969 in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s believed that his parents split when he was young.

Kevin lived in Oklahoma City, and he attended Millwood High School, where he completed his graduation.

While growing up, Kevin was obsessive about fashion and lifestyle and did his best to make statements about what he wore.

After graduating from high school, Kevin stayed local and enrolled at the University of Oklahoma, where he was a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. He also earned a degree, not in fashion but Chemical engineering, Graduating in 1991.

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Kevin Samuels Net Worth: How His Marriages Failed With 'Five Wifes'?

Despite his education and training, Kevin started in various sales roles when he entered the working world. During a particular, he began performing at Office Depot as a business development manager for several years.

In 2009 Kevin joined a media company called Supermedia/Idearc, working within the sales department as an advertising sales agent. After working for nearly two years, he left the company in 2011.

Later he joined the advertising and marketing firm referred to as The Real Yellow Pages in 2013. While working here, Kevin’s future career as a picture consultant began to take shape.

He was already known for his trademark tailored suits, the ultimate push took place when he was working on a PR project for an attorney on the path toward becoming a judge. At the time, the attorney had an upcoming interview with the state’s governor, and she turned to Kevin to help her prepare.

He accompanied her to a high-end fashion store and picked her out a whole ensemble, and at the end of the experience, she was so pleased with how she looked.

That was the turning point of Kevin’s career, and he knew he realized that he could switch careers to try to do what he was passionate about. Kevin then left the telephone book behind and set up his image consultancy firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

After moving to Atlanta, he began offering clients advice from personal shopping choices to private styling, brand integration, and interview coaching under his bannerman image consultant.

Shortly after, he expanded his firm to incorporate women and businesses. Kevin designed signature looks for his clients that worked for any occasion.

After spending the first few years on his new career, building up his business, and cultivating his brand, Kevin turned to social media to increase his outreach.

What is Kevin Samuels' Net Worth? Exploring the YouTube sensation's fortune as petition against him receives more than 10,000 signatures

This concept would work like Gangbusters Because, within a few years, he suddenly became one of America’s most popular influencers.

Soon after, Kevin turned to YouTube to make his channel, where he began regularly uploading content.

He often offers his opinion on a variety of topics from fashion statements to fragrance selections to social issues and, of course, relationship advice. one among his core principles was how the relationship market defined a high-value man with what he says are six core principles.

Having established a robust online presence for himself in the late 2010s, well wouldn’t be until December of 2020 that Kevin went viral by uploading a now-infamous video titled Your Average at Best.

During this video, he got ruthlessly honest with a lady about her expectations for finding a man.

His opinions immediately split his audience down the center. Over a few years on Youtube and Instagram, Kevin would still upload videos with titles like “Do Modren Women Want More That They Deserve” and “Ladies, The Older You Get, The Less You Get.”

Even though Kevin Samuels was himself twice divorced well, it never stopped him from speaking his mind on relationships. He hasn’t disclosed much information about his ex-wives.

He had been in a relationship with many women throughout his career. Consistent with some reports, Kevin also had a child who is not publically known.

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Personal Life

Who Is Kevin Samuels Wife? Here Are The Untold Stories We now

On Thursday, May 5th, 2022, Twitter was suddenly ablaze with rumors that Kevin Samuels had passed away. This was often when Instagram account plug talk claimed that he had died from a heart attack.

That report originated from a Twitter comment during which someone claimed to have inside knowledge of Samuels’ passing from responding officers on the scene.

It takes a while for a story to emerge but eventually, a police report came to light claiming that Samuel spent the night with a lady in her Atlanta apartment. After complaining of chest pains well, he reportedly passed out on top of her, at which point she involved help.

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Car Collection

Kevin Samuels was one of the country’s rich social media influencers and had some luxurious cars, including a Lamborghini Urus, which cost around $300,000. A mini Cooper, $40,000, Mercedes AMG G-63, $200,000, BMW Sedan, $19,000, and a Tesla Model X which cost him estimated $100,000.

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