Kevin Gates & Wife Dreka Split In ‘Super General’ Freestyle

On June 17, Kevin Gates will release his third studio album, Khaza. Before the album’s release, the 36-year-old rapper has been teasing listeners with random freestyles and loose tracks. Gates released a freestyle titled “Super General” on Thursday (June 9) over the Kodak Black instrumental for “Super Gremlin.”

Midway through the song, Gates seems to reveal that he and his wife of seven years, Dreka, have separated. He raps, “Went home to sleep, deep down, there’s tension when you know that something’s missing/Sucked it up, put all my energy back into Islah and lil’ Killa/Took the blame in interviews and made it appear as if I was trippin’/Went home to sleep, deep down, there’s tension when you know that something’s missing.” She made the Dreka song lie to the world while attempting to safeguard her reputation.

“Tell me you love me, I will respond in the kind head, I’m apathetic/Brought this intruder to the farm/Broke my heart, what am I missing?” In addition, he implies that she cheated by stating, “Personal trainer entered my personal space/Deep down it killed me.”

The release of “Super General” follows his sighting with Love & Hip Hop actress Jojo Zarur. He also added photographs of Zarur in the music video.

Kevin Gates is often reserved while discussing his family life. Although he and Dreka share two children, Islah and Khaza, it is unknown how many others he has.

In 2013, he told Complex, “I have some children. They are close to me. I share the bed with them, cuddle and adore them. It makes no sense to state [how many children I have]. Not in a negative manner, but it’s unlikely that the public will ever see my children, and if they do, they won’t recognize them as mine.

During a recent visit on the Big Facts podcast, however, Gates revealed that he had at one point considered suicide.

“I’m going to say something I’ve never said before in this interview,” he remarked. “The 10th through the 12th of December were the most difficult days of [last] year for me. Deleted Instagram. I do not utter, “Man, I’m about to commit suicide!” No, I don’t want attention. I walked in the footsteps of the samurai. Just kill me because I was at the point where I didn’t want to live anymore.”

You can hear it below.

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