Kate McKinnon Breaks Silence on Why She Left Saturday Night Live


McKinnon joined SNL in 2012 and quickly became one among the long-running sketch comedy show’s breakout sensations. She bid farewell to the show at the top of season 47 in May with an emotional tribute to one of her most out-of-this-world characters.

McKinnon told Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa on their daytime television program Live With Kelly and Ryan that she thought about leaving SNL for a “very long time” before she made the “very, very hard” decision to finish her run.

“All I ever wanted to try to to in my whole life was be on Saturday Night Live,” McKinnon said. “So I did. I loved it. I had the simplest decade, then I was just like, my body was tired and that i felt like it was time.”

Seacrest questioned Kate McKinnon on her new Saturday schedule and if she considered tuning back in to observe another episode of SNL.

McKinnon admitted she was hesitant to observe any new episodes later this year because she’s still “too emo” about leaving her “family”.

“I don’t know that I can watch the show yet because it’s too emo because I miss everyone such a lot ,” she said. “It’s my family.”

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She continued: “It’s too emo. So, i feel I will just tape The Bachelorette and watch it.”
Kate McKinnon was nominated for 9 Emmys during her SNL stint, winning twice. She’s within the running for a potential third Emmy win this year for “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series”.
The beloved comedian wowed audiences and split sides for her amazing impressions of Hillary Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elizabeth Warren and Kellyanne Conway – just to call a few.

She crafted iconic original characters on SNL like Colleen Rafferty – a cigarette-smoking, blunt-talking woman who had multiple extraterrestrial encounters. McKinnon reprised the role as Rafferty in her last appearance on the long-lasting comedy series.

In the sketch, Rafferty described a unique encounter with “little grey aliens with the big dumb eyes”, and she or he quipped the aliens as her “most stable relationship” after their repeated meetings.

The hilarious sketch later turned emotional after Rafferty volunteered to travel live with the aliens and boarded their spaceship. Kate McKinnon teared up as her character rotated and thanked people for “letting me stay awhile”.

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