Kat Von D is throwing out witchcraft and macabre books following huge life changes

Kat Von D is throwing out witchcraft and macabre books following huge life changes

Kat Von D has made another huge shift. The tattoo artist said in an Instagram post-Thursday that witchcraft, sorcery, and morbid novels “don’t align” with who she is. This is a big change for Von D, given these themes have long been part of her brand. Von D’s old beauty company had a tarot-inspired collection and “Witches” black lipstick, while her current shoe line has a coffin-shaped wallet.

Kat Von D throws out witchcraft and macabre books following other life changes. “I’ve always found beauty in the macabre, but I had to ask myself what my relationship is,” she posted on Instagram. “I don’t want any of these items in our family’s life, even if they have lovely covers accumulating dust on my shelf.” Von D posted images of the books she discarded and said she’s had “important realizations” in recent years, “many of them centered around the reality” that she “got a lot wrong” in the past.

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The former makeup mogul said she didn’t want her article to criticize those who like those themes. “But right now, it’s never been clearer to me that a spiritual fight is taking place,” she concluded. Von D’s announcement may seem shocking given her gothic image, but she’s already revealed other transitions.


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Von D covered tattoos on her arms with black ink after selling her beauty brand in 2020. Before becoming sober, she said the tattoos “meant nothing” to her. Von D bought a home in Indiana to escape California’s taxes, “awful policies,” and “tyrannical government” Von D closed her tattoo shop, covered more tattoos, and listed her California property for $12 million. Kat Von D’s representatives didn’t immediately comment.

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