Judge Orders Probation, Time Served In Marijuana Cases

A district judge on Tuesday ruled on marijuana and assault convictions in Richardson County. Johnny Shaffer, 53, of Hennepin, Oklahoma, was sentenced to two years probation in November 2021 for possession of more than one pound of marijuana.

State troopers found two large and one small bag of marijuana in the trunk of the car Shaffer was driving on Highway 75. Her 39-year-old Jesse Rosenberger of Hiawatha, Kansas, was sentenced to six days in prison and her $375 fine in February for attempted marijuana possession.

Probation ordered after woman says her boyfriend attacked her while they fished along the riverbank

Auburn’s 41-year-old Justin Adams was given a suspended sentence on Tuesday for a July 2021 domestic violence misdemeanor charge.

The Richardson County Sheriff’s Deputy arrested Adams after he explained that his girlfriend was attacked while he was fishing with him on a riverbank near Indian Cave State Park.

Pot Prisoners: Meet Five Victims of the War on Drugs - Rolling Stone

Humboldt’s 41-year-old David Ward was sentenced to his three-day prison sentence in February for child abuse. The Richardson County Sheriff’s Deputy arrested Ward after the 12-year-old boy’s stepmother reported the boy was being abused at the Humboldt Mansion.

Why Marijuana Law Reform Should Matter to You

Marijuana has been banned since the Marijuana Stamp Act was passed in 1937. The ACLU has been against marijuana bans since 1968.

We believe that it is fundamentally wrong for governments to criminalize what we do privately to ourselves, our own bodies. , joint smoking cannot be criminalized so eating fatty foods can be banned.

Marijuana prohibition and related policies not only violate the right of individuals to make decisions about their bodies and private lives but also threaten other rights, such as the right to free speech and the right to protect against unlawful search and seizure.

Such policies are also overfilling America’s prisons with non-violent, law-abiding marijuana offenders. Furthermore, marijuana bans are not keeping marijuana out of the hands of young people.

A recent federal survey of high school seniors found that 85% said it was “easy” to get marijuana, the second most common domestic drug after alcohol and tobacco (both legal drugs). is his third most popular drug. According to federal research, 70 million Americans use marijuana, and 17 million now use it every month.

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