Johnny Depp’s Team Responds To Amber Heard’s Defamation Appeal

johnny depp and amber heard appeal on defamation lawsuit

This long-running court struggle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has been watched by a worldwide audience. When the defamation lawsuit began in Virginia, the cameras in the courtroom allowed the public to watch and memed every second. Things really heated up there. After Heard filed an appeal on the defamation verdict, Depp’s team responded.

Johnny Depp prevailed in the defamation case against Amber Heard after a lengthy legal battle. Aquaman actress Amber Heard was ordered to pay her ex-husband $10 million, with Heard’s legal team attempting to overturn the judgement in various ways. These include recent appeals in which the social media storm is mentioned as an example.

Deadline has received a reaction from Depp’s team in response to this recent development, which reads: The jury listened to the voluminous evidence provided throughout the six-week trial and came to a clear and unanimous conclusion that the defendant defamed Mr Depp on several occasions. We are certain that this judgement will hold, and we will continue to fight for it.

Johnny Depp to appeal $2M verdict awarded to Amber Heard

The result is as follows. Despite Amber Heard’s latest attempt to appeal the defamation verdict, Johnny Depp’s legal team seemed unconcerned. Despite this, the attorneys for the Pirates of the Caribbean actors claim that the evidence and court proceedings in the defamation trial speak for themselves.

One would question why Amber Heard is putting up such a fight, given how ridiculous their legal battle has been. It appears that the $10 million she was forced to pay is the answer. Heard’s attorneys have stated that she does not have the funds to make this payment, which might result in her losing her home and having to pay Depp’s future income.

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Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial: Documentary on estranged Hollywood couple set for digital debut! | People News | Zee News

For the record, the team’s statement regarding the appeal reads: Because we consider that the court erred, we are not satisfied with the outcome of this case. Because of this, we’ve decided to appeal the decision. While we’re aware that today’s filing will spark a firestorm on Twitter, there are steps we need to take to guarantee that justice is served equally for all parties involved in the dispute.

Naturally, this isn’t the first time that the legal team of Amber Heard and her defamation verdicts have tried to get them thrown out. Their next target is the unidentified juror 15, who they believe may have been the wrong person for the jury. Additionally, Depp’s staff issued a statement on the matter, which proved to be unsuccessful.

In his professional life, Johnny Depp is keeping himself busy with music appearances and preparations for the filming of his first project following his acquittal. Amber Heard has been cast in Aquaman 2, but her part has been cut, according to reports. However, she denies the rumours.


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