Johnathan Hillstrand Net Worth, Early Life, Personal Life And Other Less Known Facts

As co-captain of the commercial crab fishing vessel FV Time Bandit, Captain Johnathan Hillstrand and his brother Andy Hillstrand. They are well-known for their appearances on the Discovery Channel series Deadliest Catch, along with their crew. He makes a good living from this job. Johnathan Hillstrand has a net worth of approximately 2.2 million dollars as of 2022, according to Forbes.

Johnathan Hillstrand Net worth and Salary

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As the eldest of five brothers, Johnathan Hillstrand was raised in the town of Homer, Alaska. Andy and Neal, two of his brothers, are now coworkers of his. When Johnathan was seven years old, he started fishing. His first job was as a lobster fisherman on the New England coast, where he worked for eight years. Time Bandit Fireworks, Time Bandit Entertainers, Time Bandit Productions, and The Time Bandit Gear Store are just some of Hillstrand’s other businesses in which he is involved. He has a strong sense of self-reliance and initiative. Also, Jonathan enjoys riding his Harley in his spare time. He is a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys, NASCAR, and the NHRA.

Early Life

For the past three decades he has worked as a commercial fisherman from the age of three in Homer, Alaska, where he was born and raised. Fisherman: He was just 7 years old when he started fishing commercially for crabs.

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Personal Life: Marraige, Divorce, Children

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It’s Johnathan Hillstrand’s second marriage to Heather Hillstrand. The identity of his first wife and the reason for their divorce remain a mystery. Prior to their November 6, 2017, wedding, Hillstrand had (supposedly) been dating Hamilton.

Despite having children from previous marriages, the couple has yet to have children of their own. Hillstrand has an older son named Scott Hillstrand, and Heather has three daughters from a previous relationship. Heather also has three daughters of her own. Johnathan became a grandfather recently when Scott Hillstrand’s son Sawyer was born.

Career and Growth

Three of the Hillstrand family’s five brothers are employed in the fisheries. The F/V Time Bandit’s captains are Johnathan and Andy, while Neal, the youngest sibling, serves as the boat’s Chief Engineer and cook. When king crab season is in full swing, either Johnathan or Andy serves as the boat’s captain (during Opilio crab season). Their 113-foot fishing schooner, the Time Bandit, was custom-built by their father, John Senior.The vessel is equipped with 137 crab pots as well.

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On the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, their boat appeared in every season from season two through thirteen. After a three-season absence, the yacht made a triumphant return in the show’s 16th season. Since they appeared on the popular show, they’ve gained a worldwide following of viewers.

After taking a hiatus at the end of the 13th season, Johnathan made a triumphant return in the 16th. Also in Deadliest Catch: Sig Hansen Legacy and the Legend of the Wizard, a Discovery spin-off, he made his first television appearance.

Around $2.8 million was the asking price when it went on the market in 2020 through Dock Street Brokers (DSB). Jonathan Hillstrand’s book Time Bandit tells the story of the Hillstrand brothers’ fishing trip.

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Sued by the Discovery Channel

After they completed filming of season six , Discovery Channel sued Hillstrand, his brother, and other captains due to scheduling conflicts. “Additional filming would have negatively affected the schedules of the fishing vessels and the men put fishing first,” according to the statement. When the two sides could finally agree on something, the seventh season could begin production once again.

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