John Legend’s Net Worth In 2022 Is at a High Note! How Much He Makes From ‘The Voice’ and More

John Legend's Net Worth In 2022 Is at a High Note! How Much He Makes From 'The Voice' and More

American singer, songwriter, and record producer John Legend – born John Roger Stephens, is one very, very rich man.

John Legend Net Worth 2022

As per a report by Parade, John Legend‘s net worth – in 2022, is estimated at a whopping $100 million. The main source of this is his work in the music space as well as film and TV, including The Voice.

The artist – who turns 44 on December 28, has a net worth of millions of dollars that is sure to let him, his wife Chrissy Teigen, and their kids live a luxurious life even if he decides not to work from tomorrow.

How Is The Net Worth Of John Legend $75 Million?

Wondering how much he’s worth after reading this statement?

While his cheques from The Voice are a constant, his music catalogue sale also added hundreds of millions to his net worth.

The site noted that John Legend’s salary per season of The Voice is estimated at between $13-$14 million. Given that he’s featured in six seasons – and counting, the musician has so far made at least $78 million from the reality singing show. With there being 22 episodes per season, he makes an average of $565,217.39 per episode.

According to PollStar, Legend earns well from concerts too as he averages ticket sales of 4,033 per show for a gross of $448,494 per concert. Given that this is gross, the amount is divided between John, his team, promoters, the venue, ticket brokers, and others —and doesn’t include merchandise sales he may make there. So taking his part of the gross and the merch sale, the singer surely mints some crispy dollars there.

The musician has also reportedly quite a bit thanks to his track ‘All of Me’ – written for and is dedicated to Chrissy Teigen, even though the exact numbers aren’t known publicly.

The sales figures for this song are – it sold 5,878,000 in the United States, 3.6 million in the United Kingdom, 10.8 million in Denmark, 16.1 million in Spain, and nearly 3 million from sales and streams from other countries, for a total of close to $39 million. Even if you take into consideration he made just a penny from each sale, John got a minimum of $390,000 from it.

According to internet news, in January 2022, John Legend sold his music catalogue for an undisclosed amount to BMG and the investment firm KKR.

This sale didn’t just give them access to the use of his material produced from 2004 through 2021, but also the recording royalties for the tracks.

While the sum hasn’t been disclosed, Bruce Springsteen’s catalogue sold for $550 million, while Bob Dylan and Taylor Swift’s went for $300 million each. Given that John has had fewer mainstream hits (as compared to Dylan and Swift) it’s okay to assume that he was paid a hefty cheque due to the breadth of his work. He sold seven albums worth of material.

When it comes to real estate,John and Chrissy Teigen are loaded.

The couple paid $14.1 million in January 2016 for a mansion in Beverly Hills that was previously owned by Rihanna. They listed this home for sale in 2021 for $22 million and closed the sale deed at $16.8 million a few months later. In April 2020, the duo – who are currently expecting their fourth child, bought a $5.1 million modern contemporary house in West Hollywood, California. The couple’s real estate portfolio also includes two penthouses in New York City – one bought in May 2018 for a little over $9 million and the second in April for $8 million.

John Legend’s other sources of income are his appearances in commercials.

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