Joe Biden’s COVID Mocked by OAN Anchor Who Speculates if He Will Die

Joe Biden's COVID Mocked by OAN Anchor Who Speculates if He Will Die

After President Joe Biden was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Thursday, an anchor for traditional One America News (OAN) made fun of him and said that the virus could kill him.

Alison Steinberg said that Biden’s illness was “conveniently timed” and could be used to replace him with Kamala Harris as vice president.

According to reports, Biden is suffering from “very modest symptoms” and is taking Paxlovid, an antiviral medication designed to lessen the severity of the infection. The 79-year-old is fully protected because he got two doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine before taking office, a booster shot in September 2021, and the third dose on March 30.

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In a video sent on Twitter by PatriotTakes, a Twitter account that monitors “right-wing extremism and other challenges to democracy,” Steinberg encouraged her followers to submit their thoughts on Biden acquiring COVID.

“What do you anticipate will occur?” Steinberg posed the question in an Instagram video. “Will he return to say that he’s so pleased he had the vaccinations since it could have been a lot worse?”

She asked, “Or do you think he’ll…” before making a slicing motion across her neck to indicate that Biden might die.

Steinberg returned to the topic in Thursday’s remarks on OAN, where she stated Biden should have been wearing a face mask and criticized its use by calling it a “face diaper.”

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Steinberg stated, “I wouldn’t be surprised if, following this, the CDC chose to take this overreach one step further by mandating hazmat suits for everyone.”

She said that COVID-19’s requirements were against the Constitution and that if COVID-19’s supporters wanted to keep their story believable, they would have to agree with her.

“Why not go for broke? Ignore the N95. Steinberg jeered, “Let’s go for full-face gas masks to complement our disposable orange jumpsuits.”

Then, Steinberg stated that she was interested in what her audience felt about the scenario.

“Is Biden’s illness with the China virus a ploy to scare people into believing the extra-lethal Omicron strain is here so they can blame the unvaccinated and promote more vaccinations?” Steinberg asked.

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“Is it possible that the timing coincides with the oncoming climatic crisis in order to prepare us for future lockdowns?” She stated, “Is this a plan to get rid of Biden and install the first black woman as president?”

Biden tweeted on Thursday that he is “doing great” after getting a positive COVID test. His first wife, Jill Biden, got a negative test, but the CDC says she should wear a mask.

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