Jaws 3 Release Date 2022: Spielberg’s Jaws Is Coming To Cinemas Again!

Spielberg’s ‘Jaws’: Comeback at cinemas in September 2022

Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment announced that, for the first time. U.S. audiences will be able to experience Steven Spielberg’s classic films Jaws on IMAX and RealD 3D screens nationwide. The latest re-release and upgrades to ‘Jaws’ make it exciting to watch it again on the ‘big screen’. So, ‘Jaws’ is going to release on the 2nd of September of this very year.

About Jaws

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Jaws, based on the best-selling novel by Peter Benchley. Hence, it became a blockbuster hit in June of 1975. Therefore, it quickly became popular with moviegoers as well as a cultural phenomenon. So, for the year’s highest-grossing film, it earned three Academy Award nominations, including one for the film’s iconic score composed by John Williams.

Let’s see what Universal has to say about the release

Steven Spielberg’s films, including Jaws (1975), E.T. (1982), and Jurassic Park (1993), are some of the greatest and most memorable of the past 47 years, says Jim Orr in a press release. Jim Orr. is the president of domestic theatrical distribution for Universal Pictures. So, in honor of E.T’s 40th anniversary, Universal studios couldn’t think of a better way of celebration. As a result, Universal Studios decided to re-release two of its many classic movies.

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IMAX’s views on the re-release

Steven Spielberg chilling with Jaws. Roundabouts 1975. | Jaws movie, Steven spielberg movies, Spielberg

This partnership between IMAX, Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment will allow audiences to see these two classic films in IMAX theatres for the first time. President of IMAX Entertainment Megan Colligan also mentioned in the press release. A new era of daring, high-stakes filmmaking was inaugurated by Steven Spielberg’s Jaws and E.T., and the IMAX format has since spread around the world thanks to those two films.

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What are you going to experience in the re-release?

For the first time ever, audiences will be able to see Steven Spielberg’s motion picture classic Jaws in 3D. As mentioned by Travis Reid who is the CEO & President, Cinema. ‘Jaws’ was a sensation and also fan-favourite for approximately 50 years. This is because in the movie exceptional elements were incorporated. Hence, making it possible for fans to experience the film in a completely new way.

Theatrical release of ‘Jaws’ allows viewers to relive the experience of being on the Orca, as it is releasing on Real 3D. It will be really exciting to watch these movies and relive our childhood. Also, a good idea for a family re-union this summer. Can’t wait to have this amazing experince..!!!

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