Is Posie Labrant A Cancer Survivor? Revealing The Reality Behind The Documentary

Savannah and Cole LaBrant have a huge YouTube following after posting videos of their daily lives with Everleigh, 8, Posie, 2, and Zealand, 1. The American vloggers spoke out about having three children and their relationship.

LaBrant Fam has 13 million YouTube subscribers

Some offend by the couple’s most recent video. Which post on August 28, 2021. In the documentary titled “She got diagnosed with cancer,” LaBrant Fam followers speculate about Posie’s health and wonder if she had cancer. More below.
Not Posie LaBrant.

Cole and Savannah revealed in a video why they think their daughter has cancer. Posie woke up screaming from leg discomfort, according to her parents.

“I thought of a child” with leg agony who had leukemia,” Cole added.

While waiting for their daughter’s cancer diagnosis, the pair decided to do something “far greater.” Savannah and Cole opted to showcase three families with cancer-stricken children.

“This film describes Posie’s health scare. We applaud God because she’s healthy, but not many parents do,” the video description says. “We felt led to share the tales of these three families to raise awareness and maybe encourage government officials to increase the pediatric cancer research budget to over 4%.”
The LaBrant family’s movie was meant to help youngsters and families with cancer, but the deceptive title drew criticism.

Fans criticized the LaBrants’ “cancer” video

Fans say the YouTube vloggers’ video title is misleading.

“I’m not religious, but I don’t think God would like the LaBrants using cancer as clickbait,” someone tweeted. Another said, “Cole LaBrant is awful. Profiting off cancer sensationalism, then visiting chemo wards during a pandemic to gain gravitas. DISGUSTING.”

Another user said, “So Cole LaBrant releases a clickbait documentary because he THOUGHT his baby had cancer, but she didn’t.” Be logical. Another follower tweeted, “It’s horrible (but not surprising) that Cole Labrant is exploiting cancer as clickbait, yet this anti-vaxxer and anti-masker spent time with fragile kids during a worldwide pandemic… I can’t even.”

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