What Happened to All These “Are You the One?” Season Couples 

 Ethan and Amber

A married couple with two kids is one of this season’s perfect matches—the ultimate standard for AYTO. Scarlet, now 3, was instrumental in the couple’s June 2018 birth of her younger sister, Serena. Oh, and they’re the only expert-selected couple to remain together after the program has ended.

“As the only matched pair to survive, Are You the One? We are often bombarded with questions about our success. Finally, the definition of altruism: “Amber took to Instagram to vent. “You do things that encourage and strengthen one another rather than hinder and divide. Because I know Ethan will do the same for me, I never hesitate to give up anything important to see Ethan succeed.”

A Conversation with Jenni Knapmiller and Curtis Hadzicki

True love may take its sweet time; these two prove that. They weren’t very into each other during season two’s filming, but they hit it off after production concluded and announced they were dating during the reunion. This pair made their engagement public in October 2020.

Mikala Thomas and Joe Torgerson wrote it

These two alumni didn’t compete against one other, but they became fast friends and then announced their engagement in August 2018.

“The truth has been revealed. I needed to hold this close to my chest where it would be protected, “Instagram posts Mikala. But eight months of secrecy about my relationship is long enough. In February 2021, the couple announced that they were engaged.

Season four was Mikala’s first competing season, and she quickly became a fan favorite after she paired up with Cameron, who had been the show’s first confirmed perfect match. At the beginning of 2017, they decided to separate.

Meanwhile, Joe made an appearance in Season 6, where it was revealed that he had dated Taylor in Season 5. The web of incestuous relationships on this program only becomes more knotted by season six, when Joe meets his “ideal mate,” Uche.

We owe a great deal to Uche Nwosu and Clinton Moxam

When the two met in the AYTO season six home, they hit it off instantly and found it difficult to stay apart, even after learning from the truth booth that they were not an ideal fit. Still, Uche and Clinton remained a couple after the program ended, and Uche even asked Clinton to be his girlfriend at the reunion. Their engagement was publicized in June 2020. They tied the knot in September of 2021/22.

Both Gianna Hammer and Hayden Weaver

In August 2018, Gianna gave birth to the couple’s baby, making them the second AYTO parents. After being a definite “no match” during the season, they reconciled in March 2017 for the reunion show taping.

On Valentine’s Day, Gianna posted a sonogram to Instagram with the caption, “Expecting our first child together.” Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day! We were taken aback by this, and I certainly feel apprehensive about raising a miniature version of myself (or Hayden), but I am also incredibly excited.

They announced their split in January 2019 but had ended months earlier.
An ideal couple, Cam Bruckman and Carolina Duarte Hayden In the end, Season 4’s Carolina also found love with another contestant, Cam.

Julia Rose and Stephen McHugh

Come on, let’s get to Cam’s ideal partner. During the show, she and Stephen hit it off immediately, but their budding romance met some bumps as they discovered they were complete opposites. Fans were startled to find during an after-show confrontation that Stephen may have cheated on Julia with Hannah, a cast member from season five, even though the experts had warned against it.

Julia blamed Hannah’s breakup with Stephen on the rumors that began after Hannah and Stephen met in Las Vegas.

“To what end would he travel to Sin City if he’s seeing someone else? I think it’s a good question to ask him, “Hannah said.” You are attacking the wrong individual.

However, they got through it and are now a happy couple busy promoting her clothesline.

Those two, Kareem Fathalla and Alivia Hunter

The couple from season six dated on and off throughout the program, and while they were never officially ruled out as a match, they also did not end up being perfect for each other. Despite this, it was disclosed during the reunion that they were dating and that Kareem had cheated on Alivia with Zoe Pugh after the program. Alivia did, however, confess that she and Keith Klebacher had continued texting after filming had wrapped. (BTW, Zoe and Keith weren’t precisely the right people for each other, either.)

Even though they broke up for a while, they reconciled.

Together, Shannon Duffy and Anthony Martin

Although Shannon’s season five cast was the first in AYTO history not to win the $1 million prize (and she was partly to blame for this because she stayed with her no-match Tyler O’Brien), she did find love in season six when she hooked up with Anthony, who had been introduced to her by Dimitri, who had been trying to get with Shannon in season five.

It just didn’t work out,” Dmitri stated at the reunion. But now she has a wonderful man waiting for her, and I couldn’t be happier for her and him. Despite some initial difficulties, Shannon and Anthony have stayed together and, in October 2020, had their first child, Isabella.

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