Is Incredible Eat’s Edible Cutlery Available On Amazon? What’s It’s Current Sales & Valuation

Engineer Dinesh Tadepalli founded IncrEdible Eats, a company that makes edible spoons out of grains, legumes, and grains like wheat, corn, rice, and chickpeas. It’s a mission of IncrEdible Eats to replace all plastic utensils with edible ones, and they have already started. IncrEdible Spoons are their first offering.

Incredible Eats Edible Cutlery: Motivation

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Dinesh Tadepalli, a Silicon Valley-based hardware engineer, was exiting the ice cream parlor with his two children. So, Dinesh noticed the trash bin was overflowing with plastic spoons. Although, they had all done their part and dutifully disposed of them. A “vision” he had was of the oceans becoming choked with plastic waste, with patches the size of Texas, and with whales, turtles, and marine birds starving to death after eating or becoming entangled in the debris. Instead of spoons you have to throw away, what if he could make a difference by creating edible spoons?

Krvuil Patel, a mechanical engineer in India, had the same idea, and he began researching it. He was working on a machine that would produce edible cutlery while he was experimenting with various recipes. When the two of them teamed up, they were able to perfect the recipe for IncrEdible Spoons after a few years and around 80 tries.

There they were with the spoons, two engineers with no idea how to market them; they had no website, no business cards, and no advertising flyers to show for their efforts either! This is when Jack Kneubuhl (now Sales Director) appeared out of nowhere, enthusiastic about their mission and volunteering to help build the brand with his experience in aerospace and renewable energy as well as the latest trends in tech.

Is IncrEDIBLE EATS On Amazon? Let’s Find Out The Answer

Since the year 2020, they’ve been offering their products for sale on’s online store. They carry a wide variety of products from incrEDIBLE Eats and it’s brands products. Many of the items they keep in stock are eligible for free shipping through Amazon Prime.

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Edible Spoons : incrEDIBLE Edible Spoons - Crunchy Eco Friendly Alternative to Compostable Cutlery (Black Pepper Flavored, Large) 20 Pack : Health & Household

Snacks like yoghurt, ice cream and oatmeal can all be served cold or hot with these plain-tasting spoons (available in two sizes: one for dining at a formal table and the other for dessert).

Dairy-free and vegan, the ingredients are all derived from plants and are non-GMO. There are no nuts in the manufacturing process of spoons.

Vanilla, chocolate, black pepper, oregano chilli, and no flavour are examples of sweet and savoury flavours (plain). A recyclable and biodegradable paper sleeve is used to protect each spoon during shipping.

The spoons will remain firm for 45 minutes in cold food and 25 minutes in hot food. Take a few minutes before using the spoons in the fridge to give them an extra crunch.

Edible Sporks

Cutlery you can eat: One company's approach to the plastic pollution problem | CBC News

Vanilla-flavored spork is ready for your arrival! With these sporks, you’ll be able to enjoy the crunch of your desserts, cakes and crisps to the fullest. Individually wrapped sporks ensure freshness and great taste in each box of 15 sporks. We hope you enjoy your spork, which is flavoured with Oregano-Chilli, and Black-Pepper. Our savoury sporks are ideal for rice bowls and pastas, adding a fun and delicious crunch to your meal.

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IncrEDIBLE Eats Valuation

Shark Tank: Incredible Eats deals with Lori Greiner | Raleigh News & Observer

His brand, Incredible Eats, was pitched to the Sharks Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner and guest Shark Daniel Lubetzky on the latest episode of Shark Tank.

The valuation of Dinesh’s company at the time was $7.1 million, and he wanted $500,000 for a 7% stake in it. Then Kevin stepped in with a $500,000 offer for a 35% stake in the business. In the meantime, Mark jumped in with an offer of $500,000 for a 20% stake, beating Dinesh to the punch. When Dinesh gave away so much of his company to the Sharks, he appeared visibly uncomfortable about it. As luck would have it, Lori stepped in to buy a 15% stake in his company for $500,000, saving him from bankruptcy.

Dinesh had a difficult time deciding between three lucrative offers. In response, he approached the three Sharks and asked if any of them would close the deal for a 12% stake for a counteroffer. By the counteroffer from Dinesh, Mark pointed out that Dinesh had already decided on the number and wasn’t listening to them.

As a result, Mark has withdrawn his offer. While Dinesh had the closest offer, Lori couldn’t help but wonder why it was taking so long for him to accept it. In Dinesh’s opinion, it already sold Lori on the deal before Lori changed her mind. The company is currently worth $4 million.

IncrEdible Eats Sales

After IncrEDIBLE Eats debuted on “Shark Tank“, Morrisville entrepreneur Dinesh Tadepalli saw a $50,000 increase in revenue in just 2 days. As Tadepalli grows, the product–edible spoons that replace single-use plastic utensils – won’t even begin shipping for a few more months.

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