Is Ahsoka Really a Grey Jedi? Does She Rejoin the Jedi Order?

Ahsoka Tano is a problematic and inspiring Jedi padawan who left the Order and stayed sound. Ahsoka: Grey Jedi? How do you become a Grey Jedi? Discover here.

Both Sith and Jedi defined Grey Jedi as Force users who use both light and dark sides without letting one prevail. Grey Jedi don’t follow the Jedi code and Jedi High Council teachings.

Sith rejects them for overusing the light side. Another description is someone who disagrees with or defies the Jedi Council.

Ahsoka is a second-type Grey Jedi since she leaves the Jedi Council after becoming disillusioned. The Togruta warrior is wrongfully accusing the attack of the Jedi Temple. After being acquitted, the Council refuses to apologize.
Ahsoka’s trust in the Order is shaken, and she rejects the dogmatic Jedi Council and leaves. Ahsoka was one “yes” from becoming a Jedi Knight. Ahsoka is seen again nearly a decade after The Clone Wars in the Star Wars Rebels season 1 finale.

She’s a Rebel Alliance member who refuses to call herself a Jedi. By the end of Rebels, Kanan’s sacrifice and Ahsoka’s duel with Anakin give fans optimism she’ll reconsider her mind.

Does she rejoin the Jedi Order, if any? Or has she abandoned the conventional Jedi path for the Gray Jedi?

We’ll explain.

What is Grey Jedi? Ahsoka: Grey Jedi?

Grey Jedi balanced the bright and dark sides of the Force. Few Force users possessed the strength to resist the dark side.

The Jedi Council never ignored Grey Jedi. The High Council had to admit the Grey Jedis’ existence or risk losing power.
Grey Jedi used Sith and Jedi techniques. Many knew Jedi mind techniques and Sith lights.

Few developed Palpatine’s dark side Force healing talent. These Force healers could push the dark side to its limit without corrupting it.

The Grey Jedi evolved a unique capacity to balance light and dark. This talent allowed them to toss small objects through the Force at near-lethal speeds, stun or kill their target.

Grey Jedi were only sometimes Force users who balanced light and evil sides. It was also used to address Jedi High Council opponents.

The Jedi Council tried to concentrate its power in the Coruscant temple during the Old Republic. Grey Jedi disagreed with the Jedi Council’s decision on power centralization.

Grey Jedi opposed the Council’s teachings but didn’t use the dark side. Qui Gon Jinn was a Grey Jedi.

Master Qui Gon Jinn’s teachings and beliefs contradicted those of the High Council, although sharing their view on the dark side. Chosen belief One prophesy and restoring Force balance gave him this title.

Why does Ahsoka quit?

Ahsoka Tano is Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan in Star Wars: Clone Wars. Yoda chooses her to join Anakin’s Clone Wars missions.

Ahsoka was on her way to becoming a Jedi Knight when a prisoner and many clones were killed by a bomb that went off in a temple. Ahsoka was accused of bombing the Jedi Temple when she didn’t do it.
The Jedi Order kicked Ahsoka out and killed her. Barriss Offee framed Ahsoka to expose the Jedi Council’s callousness and militarism.

Offee’s truth upset Ahsoka more than his betrayal. Even if Anakin were to prove her innocence, Ahsoka was disillusioned by the response she received from the Order.

Ahsoka lives like a Jedi after leaving the Order, but she never identifies as one. She resists the evil side’s solicitations. She’s one of the most powerful Force users, making her a Grey Jedi.

Check out this Togruta warrior tribute.

Does Ahsoka return to Jedi?

Ahsoka’s return to the Jedi remains unconfirmed. In the Rebels finale epilogue, she returns looking more Jedi-like. Rebels never reveal what Ahsoka does after returning to Malachor.
The Clone Wars’ final season shows Ahsoka after she leaves the Order. Ahsoka hangs out in the crime- and poverty-stricken lowest levels of Coruscant.

She tried to separate herself from her Jedi past, but details were scarce. In Coruscant’s netherworlds, she encountered Rafa and Trace, who criticized the Jedi Council’s insincerity.

Many believed Ahsoka could have rejoined the Jedi Order when Palpatine destroyed the Council.

Ahsoka kept all her Jedi habits — she meditated, was strong in the Force, and her fighting improved. In Rebels, she taught Kanan Jarrus using old Anakin recordings.

Two important events in Rebels could have prompted Ahsoka to return to the Jedi Order. Kanan Jarrus’ sacrifice to save his crew and Ahsoka’s battle with Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice Darth Vader.

After the Empire fell, the last time we saw Ahsoka was in the Rebels Epilogue. Ahsoka enters wearing a grey cloak and wielding a white staff. Ahsoka’s live-action début was in the ongoing spin-off The Mandalorian.


Ahsoka, a Grey Jedi? Do you think Ahsoka joined the Jedi?

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