IncrEdible Eats Net Worth 2022 (Updated); What Happened To IncrEdible Eats After Shark Tank?

Dinesh Tadepalli, an immigrant from India, is currently pursuing the American dream of entrepreneurship. As part of his mission to reduce the quantity of single-use plastics in our landfills, Dinesh has developed edible alternatives to disposable plastic utensils. The edible alternatives to plastic chopsticks, spoons, sporks, and straws are made available by Incredible Eats.

An edible cutlery brand is called Incredible Eats. They are created to be low in calories, and they come in a variety of flavors to go well with both hot and cold dishes and drinks. It’s a brilliant strategy for completely eliminating the role of plastics. The Sharks love the idea and think that the flavor profiles make food pairings even better.

IncrEdible Eats Net Worth

IncrEdible Eats estimated net worth for 2022 is around $4 million. Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 3 features The Incredible Spoon Startup. Only $170,000 in lifetime sales has been generated by IncrEdible Eats till 2021 over a period of around 2.5 years. The company was interested in B2B food service in 2019 because that is where the majority of plastic is consumed. However, COVID-19 required businesses to look into B2C and direct-to-consumer sales.

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What Are IncrEdible Spoons?

The use of plastic is ubiquitous in modern society; it is present in every aspect of life. Plastic is now used in an increasing number of everyday items. However, there aren’t many things to take the place of this plastic, which is another major factor.

Incredible Spoons is one of such products that take the place of plastic spoons. You can eat foods like ice cream, wheat, oats, corn, beans, and more thanks to this. You’ll be shocked to learn that this spoon can be eaten and that you don’t have to throw it away like a plastic one.

It is an environmentally beneficial alternative to plastic spoons. This spoon is available in a variety of flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, Palin, oregano, and black pepper. You can throw away this spoon after using it to eat because it is composed of natural substances.

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What Happened To IncrEdible Eats After Shark Tank?

A staggering 40 billion plastic utensils are used just once each year before being thrown away, according to Habits of Waste. There have been ideas for how to stop this massive waste. National Geographic advises against using the plastic cutlery that some restaurants provide in favour of bringing your own in a carrying case.

But one man’s idea for reducing trash offered the Shark Tank investors something to think about. Engineer Dinesh Tadepalli established IncrEdible Eats, which produces tasty edible spoons made from natural ingredients like wheat, corn, rice, and chickpeas. Shark Lori Greiner agreed to invest $500,000 with 12% of the profits in Tadepalli’s business.

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Who Is The Founder Of IncrEdible Spoons?

Indian entrepreneur Dinesh Tadepalli established This Incredible Spoon Startup in February 2019. Dinesh Tadepalli is an Indian national who resides and works in the USA. He received his bachelor’s degree in engineering from Anna University.


In 2015, he began working as a Staff Design Engineer at SanDisk after earning his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California. In 2016, he got a job as an ASIC Design and Implementation Engineer at Altera Company.

Sharks agree that the product is wonderful after tasting it. Mark Cuban wonders aloud why he didn’t come up with this idea earlier because it’s so straightforward and successful. It’s great to see Lori Greiner so enthused about the product.

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