In 1986, When Top Gun Came Out, How Old Was Tom Cruise?

In 1986, when Top Gun came out, Tom Cruise was a very young actor. Between the first Top Gun and the second Top Gun: Maverick, a lot of time has passed.

Since he was a child, Tom Cruise has been the lead in many movies. How old was he when he first Top Gun movie in 1986? With the release of the long-awaited sequel Top Gun: Maverick, people are talking again about the actor and his successful Hollywood career. Since Tom Cruise started his career when he was young, it’s great to see him still engaged in his passions, but occasionally it’s simple to overlook how young he was when he became famous.

Tom Cruise got his start in acting when he was only 18. He started with small parts like most actors do when they first start. In 1983, he was part of the cast of The Outsiders, but in the same year that he starred in Risky Business, his career took off. After he led the first Top Gun movie in 1986, he was a star for good. The film was mainly about TOPGUN, the Navy’s flight school where fighter pilots are trained. Tom Cruise plays Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, a reckless adrenaline junkie. Val Kilmer plays Iceman, and Anthony Edwards plays Goose, Maverick’s right-hand man.

The movie was jam-packed with action, plane stunts, tragedy, and famous songs that people still know today. People who saw the movie and critics liked how he played the role, and they wanted to watch him on the big screen more. What follows is history. One of the best actors working today is Tom Cruise. His acting credits include Born on the Fourth of July, Jerry McGuire, and Mission: Impossible.

Even though he had been acting for Tom Cruise was a young man before he got his big break. He was only 24 when he appeared in the movie Top Gun in 1986. With that role, he started to become known in Hollywood. With the success of Risky Business and Top Gun, Tom Cruise took off in the 1980s like a rocket. After his performance in Top Gun, he went on to star in and win praise for his performances in Rain Man and The Color of Money during the same decade.

How old is Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick?

A sequel to Top Gun came out almost 36 years after the first movie. Maverick showed in Top Gun that Tom Cruise’s best days are not over yet. When Top Gun: Maverick came out in 1986, the actor was 59 years old. Since then, little has changed. Like the role he plays in the film, Cruise likes to be on the edge of his seat. He is known for doing his dangerous stunts in movies, no matter how risky. While making the movie, he flew real helicopters and fighter jets. He has had his pilot’s license since 1994.

Tom Cruise loves both acting and action movies. Since he was 18, he has worked hard at what he does. Top Gun brought him fame a few years later. Even though it’s been decades, the actor isn’t slowing down any time soon. In two more Mission: Impossible movies in the next two years, he will play the top spy Ethan Hunt again.

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