I don’t believe in institutions’ – Ruth Wilson Dismisses Marriage As Restrictive And Doubts She’ll Have Kids

Ruth Wilson talks about not wanting to get married despite dating American writer

The Affair star Ruth Wilson has detailed why she does not believe in marriage on a personal level.

Talking to G2, the actress, 40, said she doesn’t believe in institutions but is in a long-term relationship with an American writer whom she has never named.

Ruth Wilson shares her idea of love and marriage

Her grandfather, Alexander Wilson, was a polygamist – her grandmother only found out about his other life after he died – and Ruth believes her own resistance to marriage it deep-rooted in her polygamous antecedent, She said: ‘Yeah it’s genetics. You know, my grandfather died before I was even born and my parents have a great marriage. It must have skipped a generation.’

And while she believes in relationships. she said: ‘I believe in connections, I’ve got a very strong relationship and have had for a number of years. I believe the value of having someone in your life who understands you and sees you is enormous. And I’m so glad I have it.

Ruth, who said she is a commitment-phobe generally, added: ‘I don’t  believe in institutions. I feel slightly restricted by having to conform to someone else’s idea of what a relationship is. It feels dogmatic to me.’

The star was pictured at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards In Association With Garrard on Sunday night.

She looked incredible wearing a semi-sheer tiered dress which was oversized in nature and teamed with beige high heels.

Her darkened locks were worn in an up-do as she posed for pictures on the red carpet.

Zachary Quinto also cosied up for a couple of pictures with the Hollywood actress.

It was the first Evening Standard Theatre Awards to have taken place since the start of the pandemic.

The stars in attendance enjoyed food at London celebrity haunt The Ivy as they were awarded their prizes.

The Surrey-born star joked that she must’ve got her views on marriage from her grandfather, Alexander Wilson – a writer, spy and polygamist – whose life was portrayed in 2018 historical drama Mrs Wilson, in which the actress played her own grandmother.

“Yeah, it’s genetics,” she said. “You know, my grandfather died before I was even born, and my parents have a great marriage. It must have skipped a generation.”

Wilson, who  is returning to BBC’s hit fantasy drama His Dark Materials for Series 3, also said she is reluctant to start a family because she doesn’t agree with the notion that you “can do it all”.

“I think about having children, and I don’t know how I could do the career I do with a child,” she admitted.

“I do question how that’s possible. The travel. The amount of mind time it takes me. I’m not sure how I could do it.

Five Things To Know about Ruth Wilson

  • Her grandfather was a bigamist
  • She’s a two-time Oliver Award winner
  • She’s a keen boxer
  • Her departure from The Affair is shrouded in mystery
  • She’s starring in His Dark Materials
  • Her TV debut was in Suburban Shootout

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