Husband Corpse’s Face Revealed: Who is Corpse?

Corpse Husband is an internet sensation who has hidden chiefly his face. After Dream’s unveiling, fans expect a Corpse Husband face reveal soon. Corpse Husband is quickly becoming an internet icon with 1.3 million Twitch followers, 3.9 million Twitter followers, and more than 500 million Spotify streams. The mystery behind the mask is part of the enigmatic character’s appeal.

Even a tiny trace of his face delights fans.

Corpse Husband’s face?

The Corpse has displayed his ‘face’ before, but whether its objective is debatable.

Corpse extended a TikTok video titled “haha” in 2021. There are numerous alleged creator images. Here, he covers his face as wings emerge from the darkness.

Fans have gone wild over the partial facial revelation, despite no definitive evidence it’s real and the image being extensively manipulated.

Yes, excuse me, I gasped, and my mouth dropped to dominate the video’s comments section before devolving into hilariously thirsty replies to the visual.

Corpse’s insatiable admirers responded, “Weird way to propose, but yeah,” and fan art appeared within hours.

Corpse’s fans would respond like this to anything close to a face reveal, so he has a knack for building anticipation.
This time, the image edits significantly, provoking angry comments.

Corpse Husband’s face?

The Corpse has never said he’ll reveal his appearance, unlike Dream. Dream advertised his face reveal before actually performing it, causing tremendous panic.

Dream’s face revelation prompted harmful jokes and criticism on social media. After observing this reaction, Corpse may not show his face.
Corpse’s mystery adds to his appeal. And his deep voice.

The streamer and artist may elect to keep his face hidden forever, but it could limit his future opportunities, such as attending in-person events.

Valkyrie, who appeared in one of Corpse Husband’s music videos, knows what he looks like.

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