Pregnant Woman In Texas Defends Her Ticketing In HOV Lane; Says Unborn Baby Should Be Count As Passenger

Pregnant Woman In Texas Defends Her Ticketing In HOV Lane

What Is This HOV Controversy All About?

This week, the police ticketed a 32-week pregnant woman in Texas for driving in the HOV lane. The government reserves HOV lanes for vehicles with over one passenger. Brandy Bottone is fighting her ticket, arguing that they should consider her unborn child a passenger on the road with her.

What Happened With The Officer?

Fundraiser by Kristen Bottone Ainsworth : Brandy Bottone

According to the woman, an officer peeked in and asked, ‘Is anyone else in the car?'” my baby girl is here,’ Brandy  said, pointing to her stomach.” A person, indeed.’ ‘Oh no,’ he exclaimed. Outside of the body, there must be two people”.

As a result of the controversial Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, the mother argues that human personhood now begins before conception. Because of this, she believes they should cancel her ticket of $275, and she intends to fight for that right when she goes to court later this month.

Government Cannot Have It 2-Ways

My Baby Girl Is Right Here, She Is A Person”: Pregnant Woman Pulled Over in Texas For Driving in HOV Lane | Vanity Fair

The woman’s case is compelling considering Texas’ long history of abortion and miscarriage charges. The government filed abortion charges against a woman in the state earlier this year and sentenced her to a year in prison. Also, charges against a young mother after giving birth to a stillborn son have just been dropped in California.

According to the ticketed mom, the state can’t have it both ways. Charging women with crimes involving the personhood of an unborn child while simultaneously refusing to recognize that same unborn child’s personhood when it’s in their favor. The only thing that matters is whether the government stands to gain from its legal definition of bodies.

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What Will Happen On 20 July?

When she appears in court on July 20, we’ll find out.  “This is making my skin crawl. What kind of world do you live in where this is acceptable? says Brandy.  This is a life, as defined by the new rule. I realize this may go unnoticed, but this was shocking to me because I am a woman.” If her case goes all the way in Texas, it could set a precedent that other states could follow in redefining when life begins under new legislation.

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